Two wars are draining resources that Americans need at home

So what do the wars in the Middle East have to do with health-care reform? Before answering that question, consider the following: The Middle East has been a center of strife for centuries, and our presence there will change nothing.

Going into Iraq, as we all now know, was for fictional reasons. Staying there has not reduced violence, and our presence in Afghanistan has not solved anything, either. If the people of the Middle East want peace, they will have to work for that goal without outside military support. The United States cannot nation-build.

The wars in the Middle East are taking more of our country’s financial resources than we even have. We are borrowing more and more from other countries, especially China.

As a result, our much-needed health-care-reform package and other necessary programs, including infrastructure maintenance, are just not affordable.

We really need to leave Iraq and Afghanistan, now. Our efforts there are bleeding this country dry and ruining the lives of far too many of our soldiers and their families.


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