Iranian Pop Music; inside vs outside Iran

My wife is crazy about Iranian pop singers like Moein, Omid, Andy etc. Yesterday morning as she was calling me from China, the background music was so loud it was interfering with our conversation. I asked her how come she had the music so loud and she told me she was listening to Omid’s latest single on (God bless technology, latest Iranian music in China)

Anyhow, I logged onto the website and clicked on Omid’s video link. Not more than a minute into the song/video I had to hold my vomit!! The music was the same old rehash of beat, instrument sounds, etc etc and the video was the worst I had seen.

For God sake Mr. Omid; how could you put out a video like this? How low is your opinion of Iranians?

Unlike the music and video that is made in the U.S. the pop music from Iran is fresh, innovative and just plain fun. Why? Because Iranian YOUTH are involved. New blood, new and better ideas.

I wish LA singers would collaborate with the young people of Iran. Maybe they could come up with something new too.

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