Israel gaffe reveals ‘Iran ship photos’ were forged

“The Israeli regime has made a fool of itself with regards to what it claims to be evidence that Iran was sending weapons to Hezbollah,” IRNA news agency said on Monday.

“Take a close look at the photos, one of which merely shows a couple of boxes labeled ‘Ministry of Sepah’ without providing corroborative evidence that they came from Iran, and you will see the huge gaffe committed by Israel,” it added.

The article explained that Iran’s Ministry of Sepah gave its place to the Defense Ministry more than twenty years ago. “So this begs the question of what the emblem of a nonexistent body was doing on the cargo?”

“It seems the American daily has failed to get its facts straight, or on the other hand, maybe it is getting its cue from the Israeli leadership,” said the news agency.

“In any case, the newspaper should know that if a country plans to send a secret arms cargo to another, it will not brand the shipment with a full description of the batch.”

“Tel Aviv’s baseless claims [about Iran providing Hezbollah with military] are evidently designed to justify another Israeli attack on Lebanon.”


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