US likely to thwart Palestinian ambitions for independent state

The Palestinians are trying to play an ace they have already played. When the Palestinian National Council proclaimed an independent state in 1988, the move was endorsed by the UN General Assembly of all UN members in Resolution 43/177.

However, apart from changing the name of their observer mission at the UN for the Palestine Liberation Organisation to “Palestine”, the Palestinians failed to use their declaration of statehood to much effect.

When Israel pulled out of Gaza, some hoped the self-governing Palestinians would turn the area into a mini-Dubai. Instead, it came to resemble a dictatorial Islamic emirate.

The United States, under President Bush, made the “two-state solution” official US policy. The UN Security Council backed the concept in Resolution 1397 in 2002.

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Yet it is virtually certain that the Obama Administration, possibly using procedural devices with European help, will block the Palestinians’ latest request for the Security Council to recognise the state of Palestine.


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