Dancing With Angels – Not God, No My Darling, But Houris

Yesterday, I received a beautiful e-mail from a dear friend regarding a piece that I wrote a few days ago titled: Godhead – Am I It, Or, Are You The One? He had a number of questions about that piece. I decided to write this piece in the hopes of addressing his inquiries. Hope you also enjoy it.

Through the efforts of our ancestors, the vigilance of time, nothing foreboding, quite  apparent
The dancing of the Angels, nothing obstructing them, flowing with grace, all through and through, come my sweet

In the annals of mankind, much sweetness, all glory, transcended, by the effervescence of her joy
My love, is indeed yours, come my darling, the very curve of your spirit, all in all, mesmerizing

In my very bosom, the outlet of love flows, maybe not yet known, matters not
No my darling, unbeknownst to anyone, the very unknowns, become quite known, be patient O’ Sweet, drink from this elixir

Call it haphazard, or, as the Angels say, catatonic
You know it, and I know it, yes my sweet, even God knows it, come and drink, from this elixir

From infinity past, to the infinity yet to come, none of me, and indeed, all of you
We are all dancing, and you are in trance, yes my sweet, embrace me, and, any and all

Come my brother, sit at my feast, be my guest, as the Houris are dancing
Not my music, but indeed God’s, yes my darling, not in Paradise, but in our very own, Good Earth

As I am locking my lips, with the beauty of the night, unaware, of the very presence, of God
My God, no my darling, your God, the sweetness manifest, our God, and nothing else

My brother Mowlana, holding hands, with the very sweet spirit, My Beloved Shams
Come my Angels, God amongst us, not Yahweh, nor Allah, but the sweetness transcending, Our Beloved Shams  

My spirit with you, your spirit in my bosom, both dancing, yes my darling, to the music of heaven
Understand what I am saying, O’ Brother Of Love, come dance with us, God with us, Houris in our bosoms

If Mohammad tells you something, or if Jesus interferes, pay no attention My Darling
If Moses chastises, or even Bahá’u’lláh interferes, calm them down my sweet, as they know not

Let’s dance, and ignore all else, the universe, is indeed beckoning
Not the spirit of God my sweet, nor the temptations of the Devil, only our Bliss, in total Ecstasy, let’s dance, as the universe is beckoning

The God Of Creation, no my darling, not our God, but the very blessing, of the sweet spirit
No superstitions here, no my darling, as we are dancing, our Beloved Angels, and The Houris, enchanted, with the very blessing, of the sweet spirit

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