The love and sex full of sin?

The sinful love, the verboten love  The love with sex and the difficult of its end.  My intention of writing these types of real stories is to find a good way to correct them. As it is dangerous for some poor Iranian. The rich are safe, but the poor or even the middle class Iranian will be persecuted for this type of love and sometime they will be killed or stoned in Iran.  In Iran if you hold the hand of your sister, nice or daughter; they insult you and ask you to release the girl’s hand, but in the jail their people rape the virgin girls or they rape even young boys.  

What type of religion is this, one time they show themselves as very moralist people and the other time; they do the action that no animals will perform. The power of Love, Sex and Love or even alone sex is very hard. From the childhood about thirteen years it starts and bother the young people until they are mature and can control themselves. Many nice beautiful girls and handsome boy have been the victims of this power. Even girls and boys from rich academic family were sometimes the victims of the power of sex, love or sex covered by love. 

 In Iran most prostitutes are very poor unlucky women who were raped and as they were poor, they have no chance any more to stay in the society. The poor or even middle class people if they have any sex activities before marriage or even if they are raped; generally they will be persecuted. Their family does not want them and do not help them, sometime even they want to kill them and take off this sin with blood. So the young girl after she is raped should run away from the house and tries to find another place to live and as they are poor they will be misused by the group of sort of mafia, and they will be taken in the prostitutes, houses or send out of Iran to the Arab countries or other countries to be misused as prostitutes.  And they introduced them drug and other illegal subject so they can control them easier. So as you see what is Europe is somehow accepted and the men do not persecute these types of girls who have a sexual, or love sexual relationship, in Iran is a taboo and a very bad performance. 

In the Wes the women are supported by the law, but in Iran the law is against the women; if the women lose her virginity or be raped, generally are persecuted. In some case even if she defend herself and kill the man, she will be still persecuted.  If she defend herself is persecute and if she does not she is also persecuted, that is the law. The poor girls or women should be very careful and do not go some where without a male company. The virginity in Iran for the poor class or middle calls people is like a capital of a girl, if she lose it; she is in trouble, but the rich people; they have doctors and they repair the virginity of the rich girls.  A girl who felt in love in Wes can sleep with the man, she can marry him or later other man, but in East is a girl does this; she is out.  The girls in Iran from middle class or poor class family should be very careful and very clever. If she is naïve; she will lose her life easily.

 But I do not know in the time that our children boys or girls are bitten by the police of the government or by the mobs that belong to the government and are paid by the government of Iran; to write this type of real stories will help the young people or not. Generally our children should kill all sexual desire or even love and sex desire in them. But if they catch by police and the government mobs, they will take to the jail and they will be bitten and raped there. Because for example they did not accept the result of the election and they called it a fraud of lie.  For you it is like a fairy tell, that a young girl or boy protest peacefully, but she or he will be taken in the jail, will be bitten and raped and totally destroyed. After so called revolution in Iran many Iranian young people have been killed, in the name of God, they were bassigy, from army, from the Islamic guards, from different religions or nationalities. 

They hanged up because they were Bahai, communist, capitalist, nationalist or belong to other group, even now the people who were with revolution are attacked, if they believe a little bit differently as the people in the power, even the people who were in the last Islamic government now are persecuted?  The ring goes tighter.  Some sort of dictatorship is in the people and with the time they do not want to share the power or money with their old friends or with the people who helped them to get the power. In the beginning of revolution, one group starts to get all the power and tired to destroy other group that helped them to get the power. Now this group wanted the whole power for themselves.  Now a young man who war just a fighter at the beginning of the revolution, now has the power and will destroy all his companions or concurrences.  He wants the total power; he wants to be the dictator and will replace god on the earth in his presence.   Simin was an acquaintance of my friend Homayoun. 

One day Homayoun gave me a book, which was written by Simin and her friends about their Love, Sex and Love with Sex.  He thought that book will help me to understand better the different people living in Iran. I read one of the stories of that book; I thought it is very interesting. So I will write this one for you and you see it is nice and different. The story is written by the girl who is the first character of this story.  Atoosa was a very sharp girl and from the age of thirteen she was after the boys to have love, sex or love with sex with them. She could barely control herself. She was from a very rich family and she did not want to control herself; she wanted to enjoy the sex and or she could not control it. 

 Any man in any age could look at her with some interest and she would surrender herself very easily to him. Atoosa could not say no to a boy or a man. She was tall and big as she was only thirteen and her female hormones were secret in her blood may be more than normal.  In the parties in that day, she was almost without any control in the hand of the men and they could do with her what ever they desire.  She gave her breasts and her body easily to the hand of the men who were twenty years older than her. She asked them to press her and to touch her and asked them to love her.   The children of the street who play most time on the streets say, they saw her many times in the empty and Thigh Street, that she was kissing with a lot of interest the men. And with her hands she touched the part of their men body which was hard now and she pressed them so long as the men were released their sperm in their pants. She was in the seventh grad also in the first grade of high school, but the people say she was very sexy and could not control herself. She was with other words the slave of her sexual organ. The parent of Atoosa know that fact so in the time that she finished the seventh grad and went to the eight grade found a husband for her, because they afraid she will make sex with any body who can perform it. Or who does not afraid and had also a place to perform the sex with her.   The arranged a huge wedding party for her and most of her classmates were invited with their parent to the feast. They were all simple girls who thought the wedding parties are a feast that they can eat good food, candy and cake. They were astonished way she is going to be married so soon. They started to learn algebra and mathematics and they loved to learn these new subjects, but in the same age Atoosa wanted to be married. Her father was a very rich merchant in the city; she had everything that a girl wishes to have. And now she was married to man who was more than twenty years older than her. 

 The Atoosa was fourteen years old and the man was at least thirty five years old. And may soon they will have some type of problems in their life.  The wedding was in the officer club in Tehran. After the feast was over they gave the bride to bridegroom and they could go home. But it was very obvious that Atoosa was eager the feast be over as soon as possible so she can go home.  She wanted to suck the bridegroom as soon as possible. The white body of her in the white dress of marriage and the high of her body which are now the body of a young woman was very sexy. She was full of sex desire and the hormones in her body were burning her. The especial make of for the bride make her sexier. And she could barely stay one hour in the club. She was so anxious they everybody released it. Even one of the guest said, hurry up, can you not see that she is so anxious for after the feast, and she laughed to him and some how agreed with his words that the people should leave and do not stay longer and speak with each other.

 She has something very important to perform.  Her big black eyes under the make up, asked any man to kiss her. She was like a child who her father bought for the first time for her a big expensive dull and she want to see the dull as soon as possible.  Any moment that the people were busy she hugged the bridegroom and kissed him long, so the man slowly separated her from himself and speaks with the people who wanted to congratulate their wedding. The long kiss that she did at that night had taken attraction of most guests. She looked the man with eyes full of sex and desire.   So the feast was over and the couple went home with a white Cadillac. His house was also in the north of Tehran. And he was also a rich merchant.  Atoosa in her book wrote that she was burning from sexual desire and could not wait any minute any more. I wanted to go to the bedroom and huge and kiss the Shahbaz as soon as possible.

 The big body of him was very attractive for me and in the time that we were dancing in the club I pressed my leg between his legs and touched his little man, which was big and hard enough to make me crazier. I wish I could press him down on the floor and be on the top of him and finish my desire.  I was wet and I think I press his little man so much that he was also wet.  The waiting was killing me, the people did not go home and they stand there and speak with each other. I wish I could cry and ask them to go home soon, so I can love my husband totally. I could not wait any minute any more. Each minute was for me like an hour. But my father and mother looked at me and told with their looking I should be cold and wait patiently.  But all my body was burning from the sex and it was very hard to control me for few more hours. I went to the shop to have made up and clean myself. I asked them to take my entire fair from every where with their route, so I was like a whit paper, without any hair in the whole body and my little woman has not even had one hair in the whole area. She was naked clean and ready to see the little man.    I asked also Shahbaz to clean himself from the hair especially around the little man; I wanted to feel the whole little man without any hair around him or around the two little friends of him. They are three should be clean and without any hair. And he did it for me.  He was a normal man and I was a very sexy woman, but I hoped I can train him and he can satisfy me sexually.  I took his hands and forced him to the bedroom which was full of flowers and perfumes. My mother bought for me a very nice white bed with made of silk, white shinny silk.  He said wow your bed is so beautiful.  I have no interest and time for speaking. I wanted that he starts the work and release me as soon as possible. But he was slow. He takes off my clothes very slowly, because he was careful with the expensive wedding clothes. Than took me in his arms and started to kiss my lips and sucked them. I was crazy, I wanted to cry and say go to the main place. Start the real job; do not waste my time by kissing. My little woman is burning and is wet and hot.

 But he wanted to make me wild of sex. Now all my muscles were shivering and were existed.  My control was below zero. But he just kisses my lips instead to start the real job. He opened my bra and my two breasts run out of the jail. And were free and exited.  He put my on the bed very slowly. I thought he will start now, but he took one of my breasts in his hand and pressed it. After that he took its nipple between his fingers and pressed it hard. I cried from the sex.  I said to him, please start the real job. Do the main action; do not play like a little boy with my breast. I am yours now you can have me totally, do not waste time by playing with my breast, its nipple. Go to the main job. Show me that you are a man and not a boy. Please give command to your little man to conquer the little lady, she is wet and hot and cannot wait any more. I am soon will be turn out in small peaces, they are making me crazy and you just play. 

 My little lady the commodore in chief cannot wait any minute any more. She forces me to ask him to attack.  I asked him, should I turn out my short and should I take it off. The person in the middle of my legs commands me to have yours little me inside. You are killing me. Start please. Insert the little man to the crazy lady. He was so cool that I wanted to cry loud. He said be patient. We have the whole night for us.   I could not wait any more and I took his little man in my hand, it was big and hard. I said to him, I will start to cry if you do not come in me. I want the whole in my little one. He said wait one minute. He toke off my short and opened my legs and said bring your legs up as far as you can. My little commander was now free from the jail and could feel the freedom and the feels the air in her skin.  She was happy, and knows in one second she can have something that she desire for few months so badly.

With my hands without his permission took his little one which was hard and long and introduce him to my little one which was wet and hot now. As long as the little one touch the lips of my little I press him with all my force by my let around his back in me. He could not even say something. It was so fast that his little Satan goes all the way inside my little Satan. It was so nice; it was so big and so hard. I feel him in all inside my bones and all my body was happy.  Now he was helping me too, he brings it out and press it back inside me again and again many times, may be thousand times.  As a big hole was filled with the best material. I was so satisfied now. To have a husband is so good. Now I did not press all the time him with my legs, I let him come out and pressed him again with my both legs inside me again. I was active, just like him. I move more than him, I was full of excitement. 

Now I started to kiss him; I kissed him so much now. His whole body was touched by my hot lips. I wished I married him two years ago. I had such a hard time without a real love and sex. I have to rub myself and pressed myself to any man who was nice to me. The boys just kissed me, they did not know how can they concord a woman or a girl totally, they just kissed my lips or my breast or rubbed my little one. It was not enough for me; I wanted more and they could not give more.  I pressed him with my legs and my hands to my body and he was inside me also. It was very nice. Many days and nights I dream about these moments. From twelve years I wished something big and hard and hot inside me, between my legs. Ah the poor woman who marries with thirty or twenty, that was too late for me. That night until morning we loved each other more than ten times. But still I wish more.

The whole night I kept him on the top of me and pressed him to me with my legs and hands. Until he said he cannot do any more, he is very tired and sleepy. It was May six o’ clock in the morning that he slept and I sleep in few minutes after he was unconscious. It seemed that I sucked all his water and his body was now completely dried out. He springs in that night so much sperms in me. That I could have ten children.  We continue like that at least for six months.  We were not tired or feed up from each other.   After nine months, next year I have born a baby boy. He was very happy as he had a boy. He was very happy and he worked very hard for us to have a nice life and not worst than my father’s house. He came home very tired now. After two year of very intensive love, now he was normal.  He could not love me in bed like before; he was tired and did not have the same interest. What can I do? 

I waited the whole days and played with the child until he comes and we love each other again like in the past, but he came very tired, eats very fast and goes to bed and sleep very fast and very deep. He should go again in the next day at six to the work and he came nine or ten home. I could not see him enough. I wanted so badly him, but he just kissed me few times and that was all. He sleeps very fast and he let me alone with my crazy woman alone. She wanted, but he was in a deep sleep. The fire of love and sex was burning me and my little one was so upset about the condition and blame on me.  Little by little I feel I need another man beside my husband, he cannot satisfy me any more. I know that was not a good action, but the little one was forcing me to have another man. I thought I should divorce him and take another man who is stronger or younger, and I told one of my best friends about my thinking and she said. Are you crazy who will marry you, an eighteen years old woman with two children and divorced? 

 Be nicer to him; try to be more attractive to him. Buy expensive perfumes, use them, and buy expensive sexy night dresses. Make up so sexy that he comes to you.  Touch him, kiss him more and touch his extra places.  I was pregnant for the third one. And soon our house will be full of children and very crowded.  I was trying very hard, but he worked more than ten hours a day and three hours a day he drives, in the time that he was home he was like a dead man who moves. He could not even open his eye properly, so tired he was, he could not act sexually at all.  I was like the men in the past time; I should have more than one man, so they could give enough service to my crazy little lady. My commander in chief was very angry with me and asked me many time, to have another man also beside my husband, a young student who has never chance to touch a woman.

My mother advice me to cook a lot of eggs for him, give him a lot of honey and marmalade, give him medicine which has man’s hormones.  Every day I should give him also shrimps.  The biggest one, the king shrimps.  But he was a normal man. I was a sexual strong woman.  He wanted more to kiss me and speak with me, but I wanted a real job. A nice beautiful big and long and hard like wood little man of his, inside my commander in chief.  I thought to have contact with the young man or students, I should be students again. So I told Shahbaz, it is boring for me to sit the whole day at home and wait for you. I will go to the evening classes to learn more. And continue my study. But in reality I wanted to have the possibilities to know more men and students.  I heard the students from other cities who come to Tehran; they have nobody and they are willing to have friends in Tehran.

Shahbaz agreed with this thought and said we can hire a nice young maid to take care of the children and so you can go to the classes. But I prefer a young man as a servant, but he said the man does not do the same good job as a maid will do. And the maid is generally more expensive and much better.  I thought may be I can concentrated my energy to the class and learning and may be the little lady will not bother me so much.  Soon I got friend with a young man, about twenty years old. He was from south of Iran and he was very good student. I had the permission from Shahbaz to invite him home and he can help me in my homework also.  Shahbaz agreed.  He was trying to learn to make his high school diploma here in Tehran by going to the night classes. He was very intelligent. And he was an A student. I was nineteen and had three children and he was twenty and was like a child, like one of my children. 

 I liked him so much something like one of my children. He filled all my holes and he helped me so much with love and interest concerning my learning. And for his love I was so eager to learn more and more and be like him. I was totally in love with him and this love forced me to learn as much as I could. And he could explain so well to me and helped me so much that in few weeks I was the best in the class.  This time the love forced me to learn and be like him and in his level. He and his brother have rented a room close to our huge house. His brother Masud had got his high school diploma in the same way and now he was student in the engineering faculty of Tehran University. Masud was four years older than him. He was also student in the military academia and got some money from them also. 

 I think he slept some days in the military academia and some days at home with Mahmud.  My husband was a very nice man; he accepted even Mahmud as my classmate and friend and tolerates him. He showed that he has no negative thinking about him. As Mahmud was very good in his academic activities and my husband sees that I have so much progress, may be mostly because of Mahmud. He was a good excuse for me to learn more and be in his level.  Shahbaz even encourage me to learn more, because he said you are young and will live longer than me, and so you should have good education for future and be reserved   source to have a job, in the time I cannot make enough money. He was willing to pay and so our family will have another capital in me. If we need money; so I can go also to work. I lost the school in the past because of sex and love and now I have them, at least the love. So I have to learn and be not a stupid ignorant woman without good education background. 

 And Mahmud helped me enough to be like him. He could transfer all his knowledge with love to me and I learned as I loved him so much also.  He was a good man; he did not look at me as a sexual object. And as I bought for him some gift and invited him every day to lunch and dinner, he was happy, I said to Shahbaz, Mahmud is helping me so much, I wanted that he does not think, why Mahmud help me so with love, it is not fair that we do not pay him for his hours that he helped me. My husband agreed, but Mahmud did not want to accept cash money from us.  My husband told him, your time costs also money and it is not fair, that we misuse your friendship. I am more comfortable if you accept money, a fair tuition for the time that you teach Atoosa.

Shahbaz told him, in this way we do not misuse your friendship and I am happy; if you accept the money. So we can than ask you to do it more and if it is necessary. If you do not accept money, we have also to reduce the hours. But Atoosa need more hours.  We were really very rich we have more than enough money. But as we had a lot of children, Shahbaz wanted to work more to have a better future for them.  I had everything a women wish. If the little lady bothered me so much. I was the happiest woman in the world, but this cruel little lady wanted something from me, that I could not provide so easily.  Now he was really like a private tutor and explained everything with more interest to me. Because now he was hired by us with a very good salary. 

 My little lady tried to make me crazier. She wanted every night a company, and my husband was in the deep sleep.  She made herself wet and hot and I could not control her. I wanted to lock her with a chain, but that was she who chained me and forced me to listen to her. And that was she who takes over the control and she guides me now.  She wanted a man very badly.  I tried to learn more and more and forget her, but she was strong and disturbs me every minute.  She was so cruel and wanted me as her slave.  She wanted to force me to go after a real strong man.  Now Mahmud was my employee and very close to me. I said one time to him, that I have a problem. I have a nice good husband and I love him very much, he is a very good man and love and respect me totally. He has no negative point at all. But my little one wants something that he cannot provide. The little one make me crazy.

She wants another man. What can I do? He said dear Atoosa, you have a good husband that many girls love something like that man. He has enough money and provides everything you need. You have three children and you should not be slave of the little lady. You have to control her seriously. I saw that he gave me also a negative answer.  It is not nice whatever she wants you have to provide it. I agree logically what he said; I have to learn more and use my brain more and do not let her to influence my brain. I have to be the commander in chief and not the little lady.  Shahbaz was one time or two times per week with my lady together and visit her very shortly. And the rest of the week, the little lady wanted a little man to be inside her. 

I thought the West girls are so happy, they love before marriage as much as they want, they change their boy friends as much as they like and give the little lady so much that she is happy and relax.  They have enough sex, love and sex with love enough; when they marry, they are already did everything and they had few men before her husbands.  Now I had my fourth child in my belly.  I married for sex and love and not for life, but I had luck and I got a very good husband.  I was sorry also for Shahbaz that he should work so hard and pay all our bills alone. I wish I could work and help him. So he had more free time. And I was also busier.   The clergy people around us told Shahbaz, that you have to go to pilgrim to Saudi Arabia. As you have enough income, so you have to go to pilgrim. He said I have three children and my wife is pregnant for the fourth one, she is very young, how can I let them alone and go to pilgrim? But they influenced him that after the birth of our fourth child, he has to go to pilgrim.

 With the help of Mahmud I could past the high school diploma with very good scores. My husband was very happy and said if you continue and get a university diploma, so you can help our budget and I do not need to work so hard, we can have more fun in the life together.    My husband and Mahmud both encourage me to continue and go to the evening classes which prepare us for the entry exams of the university.  Shahbaz was so proud that I with four children have passed the exam for the high school diploma with a grade equal to A.  In the mathematics branch. Now I could easily be an engineer.  He gave me a very expensive gift and congratulated me seriously. He gave also an expensive gift to Mahmud as he taught me so seriously.  I had my fourth child and now with having a baby I should continue the classes. Mahmud also was trying very hard to pass the entry exam of the University for engineering. 

 Both of us passed the exams with a score equal to A.  I loved Mahmud very deeply, and may be this deep love helped me to be so successful in my lessons. In the time that my husband was with me, only one or two time we had time for love. And the rest of the week, my little one was upset and alone and blamed on me, why I do not think seriously about her. She told me your husband is your brother; you should find a friend for me.  Only maximum two time our Satan could be with each other. And have fun with each other; the rest of the week, he was tired and sleepy.  And my little was angry and upset. Now these one or two days also gone. And the little one wanted to kill me. And now he went to pilgrim and she should be alone for the whole week. I asked Mahmud now my husband went to pilgrim and we could learn more. Emit khanom cooked very well and he loved her cooking. She was a young nice woman like me. She came from village to Tehran for work and she liked Mahmud very much. We paid her good money. 

She finished her six grades in the village and like Mahmud she wanted to continue her classes in Tehran. So Mahmud helped her, too. He gave her all the books for the high school and helped her a little bit also, I was jealous as I thought Mahmud is only mine. She was very intelligent woman and she learned very good and passed the exams.   She went also in the night high school. And in her free time, she learned and did her home works and Mahmud checked her home works sometimes.  I was many years with Mahmud; he was hired full time by my husband, he helped a lot and Shahbaz gave him a good salary. He helped also my maid and he bought for us.  He was almost like a bottler of our house or like a second man in our house. He worked more than eight hours a day for us. 

He knows everything about me, even my sexual problems.  I have spoken about everything with him. He knows about me more than my husband. Now my husband had gone for pilgrim, but I have another person in the house, I was not comfortable with her now.  She was looking at my reaction with Mahmud and as a woman she knows that I love him very much. But she was confused as she sees that I love my husband a lot and we have no discuss or any problem with each other, so she thought the my love with Mahmud is like love to a friend or child. Mahmud was twenty years younger than my husband and he could be his father. I think my husband also loved me like his daughter as he was twenty years older than me, too.  But now the little commander forced me to find a way and send Eismat khanom away. One day I asked her, if she does not want to see her parents for a while. For few days or so.  And I am willing to pay extra money for the journey plus I will pay her salary also as if she works here. She was a very smart woman, and I think she guesses I want to have her out of the house for a while for some business.

   She was wondered as she was so many years with us and I never showed any interest to her for sending her out to see and visit her parents and her family. Why I am so nice now?  But it was a good and expensive gift. To be paid and go for holidays.   I could go with Mahmud to a journey, but that was more dangerous in the Islamic government of Iran. But Mahmud was every day in our house for many years and nobody would notice his being now, even if he stays in our house in the night. It was very normal.  I had a serious plan to get Mahmud.  Even if I should lose my spirit and be stoned. It does not matter; if you are in love you will do any dangerous action. And my plan was not dangerous.  It is true that I had a husband, but he was now more like a father than a husband or boy friend. 

 But Mahmud was a young man and he had never touched a woman in his whole life. He was full of love and sex. The love and sex forced him, too and he wanted badly that, only because he was very moralist; he would never try to have me.  He thought as my husband and I trusted him, he should acts like a brother to me and not like a man.  But may be in his dream he loved me. Now my husband was not home and we both were full of love and sex; how can we control each other. I heard and saw that European woman who was married had Iranian boy friend. They sleep with the boy friend in the time that the husband is working. They bring the Iranian boy friend in the house and in her bed room and sleep with him and after two hours the husband will come and he will go before the husband is in the house. Sometime I saw the boyfriend goes from one door and in the same time husband comes with the car through the gate in the house and in the time the husband is parking his car in the yard, the boy friend goes out of the house through the buildings door into the street.  Now my husband is in different country of pilgrim, he cannot come in the middle of pray. He should stay there for a certain time to pray and act the pilgrim activities. 

Why we should kill our sex and love in our body so much. They want and we enjoy, why we should destroy the sex and love?  No I have to get Mahmud and give him my love and sex together and both of us should be happy. We are not Indian Fakirs?  He will reduce the fire of love and sex in me. I will be relax and happy. He will be too.  So as I told, I sent the maid out to her village and give her enough money to be happy. Now it was my house, four children and Mahmud. I asked Mahmud before to sleep in one of our bedroom.   I said to Mahmud that my husband is not in the house and I afraid to be alone in the huge house, please sleep for few days in our house. We have more than ten bedrooms and; it is not wise to have no man in a big house. I do not know if Mahmud could guess my plan or not. So he came and stays in our house also during the night. First he said; is it good that I stay in your house, in the time that your husband is in pilgrim. The neighbor does not look funny to you later?

 I said first you are every day the whole day here, second the neighbor here are rich and do not care so much about other people and third our house is so big who can see and know who is living here or not. He agreed. The second night that he was in our house, and all four children were in the deep sleep, I took my books and went to Mahmud room to ask some questions.  Mahmud had changed his work clothe to the house clothes, like me; both of us were in the house clothes. O my love I will get you tonight. Many years I waited for this night. Mahmud very seriously answered all my questions and after I had no more questions, I get near him and touch his body with my both. My body was burning. I hope his body starts to burn form sex and love also. 

The fire was in my short between my legs and it burns me.  She wanted him from me and I could not say no to her. She was powerful and guided my whole days.  Little by little I go closer and hugged him and started to kiss him, because he answered my questions in the late night. He resisted a little bit and told me you have a husband and this in not nice. But I ignored what he said and kissed his neck and lips very hard, so he was quite.  He was fighting with himself, too. But he could not win as I lost my control, too.  But soon his resistance was weaker and weaker. He loved me, too. And he could not resist very hard. That was may be the first time in his life that a woman was kissing his lip with love and sex. I started to suck his lips, he did not resist but he did not answer my sucking also. I put my leg between his legs and pressed his little man there so he lost the battle and started also to suck my lips and tongue with love and sex. His little man was hard and long. And hoped that he will have a nice warm place tonight. 

I pressed my breast to his.  I started to play with my hands with his back. He did protest.  I continued and very gently I went inside his short and got his back in my hand and pressed them gently. He sucked my lips harder and with more interest. He will be mine soon, I thought. I had experience and I know how I can get an inexperience young man totally and easily. I attacked his front where the little man was impatiently waiting.  It was long, and hard like an Iron. Soon I will have the whole little man inside me. I get it in my hand and pressed it gently. He started to make noise and he started also to press me.  First he started to touch my back and went inside my short and later he brought his hand in front of me and went in the middle of the lips of my little lady. 

 And pressed with his finger the lips of her. I could not stay any more; Mahmud said very softly that he had no experience to make love and he did not loved any woman until now.  Please help me and guide me I do not want to hurt you. I said it is fine I will take myself your virginity soon. Do not be worry, I have a lot of experience and you will never forget this night for your whole life.   Softly I took him to his bed and started to take off his clothes. I told him, you can take off my clothes, too.  He obeyed and soon we were both naked. I slept on my back and said to him, come and lay on me. You can be between my legs and I opened my legs. He obeyed like a soldier who listens and obeys his general in command.  I have opened my legs and my legs were up also and my little one was open and wet. I took with my hand his little man which was long and hard and put it in the opening of my lady. It was hard and hot. I pressed my legs around his bag and he pressed his little one completely inside me.

 It was so nice and hard and hot. I thought the whole Mahmud is inside me. I pressed him very hard and kissed him like a crazy girl.   We forget ourselves and we were both just love with sex. We did this nice play for many hours. And he gave me tons of sperm to me, which he saved for many years; put all of them in my body.  And he said love and sex is so beautiful, why the people say it is dirty and bad. I have believed that sex is dirty and bad, but now I feel it very good and very nice. I am ready to be killed for this type of love and sex. We loved each other many times; both of us have saved a lot of love and sex for that night. And he gave me a lot of sperms each time. He filled my little one each time with his sperms.  Than we slept in each other arms until in the morning the cry of one of my children gave me alarm and brought me out of the paradise of love. I was ready to be stoned for such a powerful love and sex.   I prepared the breakfast and Mahmud came very happy for the food.  He was shining and he was so happy. He said he never can forget that night. It was such a beautiful performance.  I loved him; he was young and could satisfy me now. I said Mahmud if I divorce Shahbaz, do you marry me?  He said why not, I will marry you. I love you so deep.  But what do you do with these four little children?  Your life and your family will be destroyed.  The children will suffer a lot from this separation. You know that with love alone we cannot continue. I am just a student and have to study a long time.  Mahmud did not have any sex with any woman until that day so he gave me a sea of sperms. And the whole little lady was full of his sperms and my short was completely wet. Also my legs were wet with his saved sperms.  We loved each other may be more than ten times and each time he gave me full portion of his life water. None of us was tired.  I never used pill against the babies so my fifth child will born soon.

 My fifth child will be from Mahmud and he will have the name of my husband.   I was happy for the religion of Shahbaz that he believed in pilgrim and I could have such a nice time. I did an illegal love full of sin but it was beautiful. If I was poor or middle class and the people know that I would be stoned and killed for such a nice beautiful love. The God has given me this love and sex, why the people should punish me for the power that God gave me to use. Why God gave me such a sex power and why I cannot use it. But may be I should take the water on my head before Shahbaz is here and this water will clean me again.  But the God knows that I could not control this power. I was like a hungry man or woman who did not eat for weeks and now in front of his//her is a lot of nice food like caviar and kebab and turkey for tanks giving.  Until my husband come I can love him every night and each night ten times. I need it the God knows as He puts this power in me. Now I am so satisfy; I can be a better wife even for my husband. 

 If I am always worried bout my sex and love how can I be a good wife for him. Now I am not nervous and worried and I am relaxed and happy. I hope until Mahmud is not married can stay my boy friend and my only lover. What Shahbaz cannot use, he can use very good. I hope my fifth child will be full of our love, too. I was much appreciated also my husband as he have gone and gave me this possibilities to have such a nice love for many day. I will be a much better wife for him.  I hope if he knows this one day, will forgive me. I will be ready for him always, but he did not want to love me.  That was not my sin; it was the sin of the little lady between my legs who guided me to love Mahmud. I hope in this way I can keep my husband satisfy and Mahmud will stay my lover until he marry and I try to keep both of them happy and satisfied.  The men in Islam can have many wives, why I should not have many men also. I can satisfy all of them and I can give love and sex enough to both of them.  But the poor people and middle class people will be stoned in Iran for the same thing that I did. Is it fair?  Do you think I am a real sinner? Do you think I did a big mistake? 

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