My loving and beautiful sweetheart of China.

My loving and beautiful sweetheart from China

 This is a real story, I just changed the names. The picture is just a model.

In the time that in Iran, the young people are killed on the streets because they want a little bit freedom. I am writing their problems with different cultures in the time they are in different countris in the world. they should adjust themselves with all other different problems that they faced. But at least they have the freedom, in exchange with a lot of other difficulties and new problems. Like problem of culture, langauge, accent and the negavite atittude of people against the Middle Eastern people. I hope my writing will help the unity of mankind. Sohrab told me that he gets acquainted with a very lovely woman, she is a professor for mechanic and she is employed by the university to teach at the MS level to the American engineering students. She is a very beautiful, charming and friendly professor from China.


 She has PhD degree from China in mechanical engineering and she was a professor for the MS students over there. She is very nice and has also a vast knowledge in her field. She was very intelligent and very gorgeous; she learned only the English language from the books, but she could understand and speak English from the first time she was here. This beautiful young woman about twenty eight has a very nice tall body, carefully made and created and had a high quality of education with highest degree possible from China. She was like photo model or a good model for showing the clothes. The God or the nature did a good work on her face and body without any shortage. She was nice, beautiful and full of knowledge. She was soon one of the best professors in our department. All students in MS or PhD degree wanted to study with her. They wanted a beautiful professor who is also very knowledgeable. He classes were always full of students. She teaches very well and nicely and she was patient and friendly to the students.


Thy English language was may her third or fourth foreign language, but after a very short time she has a mastery about English, so that all students were very satisfied with her English and her explanations. After such a short time, may be after two months she opens the matter so good and so nice that every body was satisfied with her method of teaching. I was selected as her co professor and we should work together. I had all my degree in the USA. The students told me; it is so nice to work with her and to cooperate with her. She is full of beauty and knowledge and she is nice to share knowledge with interest with us. As she was trained to be nice, socially active, friendly and peaceful. This woman was the light of our department. And everybody was happy with her and wanted to socialize with her. And she gives good answers to the technical questions with patient and interest. She never told the students I do not know. She knows the answer of all questions they students had. My does not make up her face, as it was naturedly like make up. Her big black eyes does not need any make up, her very red lips were more than red, they did not need also no make up materials or colors.


Her whimpers were long and curly enough and they did not need any color to paint them. Her lips were like Rubin and very dark red, so they did not have to be painted also. Her nice round face and her nice skin were shinny and soft, as she uses a lot of different creams for them. Or she used perfumes to make them nicer. Her looking was so attractive that nobody could look away. She was for me a good knowledgeable friend, a nice sister and a good co worker. I get never tired of speaking with her. And I see all good attitudes in her action. Where ever she went, the people loved to speak with her and to be acquainted with her. The people around her loved to be her friend. I have lost my whole family recently in a car accident. And she filled the place or the hole of all them in my life very fast. She told me that she love me and want to marry me one day. But now she wanted me just as a friend. A pure friendship like the friendship between children and youths. She did not want to be my fiancé now. I wish to marry her as soon as possible and have children with the queen of beauty. Because I know our children will be beautiful and intelligent like her. But she does not take my proposal very seriously and with a nice kiss she ends my proposals. I loved her very much and I was willing to do everything for her and what ever she will ask me, I would perform it.


I will do it without any moment to think. But she wanted be just my close friend even not my girl friend. But her kissing and hugging gave me this hopes that one she will change her mind and will marry me. I have to be patient until she change her mind and say yes to me. She said that all her families in China are university full time professors. Her mother, father, brothers and sisters were all important famous professor in her country. In the life you may meet different women. Some of them want only sex and they do not want to give the commitment to marry you. Because they think they have time and they can get better husbands later. Now this boy friend is better than nothing. In the time they fund a better man in their opinion, they go away. But may was different, she does not want sex; she wanted jus love like a teenager love. Without a complete love and sex together. She was just happy with kissing and hugging. I was grow in USA and learn so if I love a woman very much and I can marry her, I can sleep with her before marriage and that is not bad to have sex before marriage.


 But the May does not want this. We were working together three years and we saw each other every day. But still she was a friend only for me. I could only kiss and huge her. She told me she loves me a she love to be with me all the time. But she was not ready to marry me. She said she had not a nice friend like me in her whole life. But she was not willing to marry me. I could not understand her point. May be she love to be free or she had other problem which forced her not to marry me. The last time that I told her my proposal desperately, because she said she will go back to China, she cried very bitterly and said. Sohrab I love you very much with all my soul spirit and body. I will never forget you and your love in my life, until I die. You are in my body and mind, you are part of me , you are me. But now I cannot marry you. I wish I could. I have no explanation for it , too. But I love you deeply with all my mind, heart and body. But I am very sorry, I cannot marry you now. It was very hard for me, that we were three years together, we kissed each so many times , we hugged each other so deeply and so many time, but she does not want to marry me. Why ? I tried very hard to understand the problem of this deep love, but I could not get any point, any clue why she does not want to marry me. A deep love and a beautiful feeling between us. And she told me always that she love me so much, but I could not understand why she does not want to marry me? May be you have an answer. I wish I had an answer also.

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