‘Why Israel’ film canceled after violent German leftist protest

The protesters propagate an “anti-Semitic position” that views “Zionism as racist,” said Pomrehn.

The International Center B5 activists staged an

agitprop performance to block the guests’ entry, setting up an Israeli military checkpoint with wooden military rifles. The protesters were armed with bicycle locks and wore fingerless fighting gloves.

Terming the film showing a “pro-Zionist event,” the International Center B5 justified its protest in a statement: “Zionism proves to be a racist project that aims to artificially preserve the Jewish character and thereby maintains the present colonial culture.”

The rambling statement also blasted Lanzmann for his defense of the IDF’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza this past January.

According to German critics of left-wing anti-Semitism, the International Center B5 is a hotbed of radical anti-Israeli sentiments, and the Left Party in Hamburg has played a decisive role in stoking anti-Israeli feelings.


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