We should not limit only our girls, because they are girls.

We should not limit our children, especially the girls. So they cannot have a good education and they cannot survive alone. In hard situation they cannot support themselves or the family; if the husband has died young.  If you depend your girls on yourself and you do not provide for them the equal possibilities as for the boys. They will be disabling for their whole life. If a girl does not have the same possibilities like a boy to be free and educated and in the sport and other subject be also active; she will support herself in the rainy days also. Suppose after he married a good rich man and with a good salary and good family. If he dies for example because a diseases attacked him.

And he should die in the age of thirty five, because he had diagnosed a bad cancer, what can the wife do? If she has some background in technical or she is very well educated; she can easily find a job and support her family and herself. But if she has no education, what can she do? Be very poor and guided to undesirable jobs.  That is true; in the time I see Western girls have so much freedom, and they are good in any subjects, for example in Music, sport and other subjects, I regret and get very upset, because I know our girls do not have the same possibilities in all subject. 

 The crush of different cultures or dialog between different cultures, religions and nationalities is necessary now. In the time that human being can travel so fast and so easy, so the contacts with different cultures and religions are a fact. We can fly in twenty hours around the world. It is now a different situation. The people have more contacts with each other and the cities are closer to each other than many years ago.  In the time that one of my very serious Moslem friend has to go to Paris for study, he wrote to me” how lucky you are as you passed the entry exams of the university and can study in Iran. That is a great luck that you have. You are in Iran and  you study at the university.” Here all girls and young women are prostitutes. They sleep with a man without to be married to him?

 Most the young girls have no virginities and they say that is not important. Most girls have boyfriends and they have sexual relationship with him and they say they have nice intercourse with a man yesterday and that was beautiful. They are all should go to the hell. I wish I could come back to Iran as soon as possible.  It passed three years and some months; and my friend Fariborz was in the medical school and study medicine.  After almost four years that he was there, he wrote another letter to me. A letter which was different than his other letters. His mind and his attitude were totally changed.  Somehow he accepted the way of life of the French people. 

 He wrote Amir I got some friends, they are boyfriend and girlfriend with each other; they love each other and they have the same commitment to each other as they were really married. It is some sort of marriage, but it is not registered. But they respect each other sometimes more than husband and wife. They do not sleep with other people, in the time that they have a real serious girl friend or boy friend.  The men respect his girl friend like a wife and love her a lot. And after the sexual relationship they respect each other more and the boy does not run away to find another girl. And generally he marries the same girl friend after few years or few months.  They told me that you the Middle Easter people are very bad and corrupt ; you have no moral, you have contacts with the French girl, you sleep with her, and you make her pregnant; and after that you run away. In the time that our girl is in love, and has a baby in her belly, and she loves you so much.

You just disappear.  You are like a thief, you take our girl love and after many intercourses and after many months that you show you love her; after she is pregnant, you run away. We cannot trust you anymore. You have no moral at all. You just want sex, you did not even learn that sex belongs to love and sex without love is bad. But you just know sex without love. You look to our girls like sex objects.  And she looks at you as a real lover.  You do not know that sex and love are combined and belong to each other.  You act like barbarian.  Our girls are first serious with you and they give all their love and their body to you. They want to know you more and be your friend, but you want just pure sex and intercourses and after that you run away.  You want only sex and joy and not love and commitment? 

  Fariborz continue our poor girls in the Middle Eastern countries, they should cover themselves so tight, because they afraid of men to attack them. They should cover their body which is created by God. Their nice beautiful body which is a master work of the creation of God should be covered totally as the God make a mistake to create such beautiful body. Your man should worship the creation of God and not destroy it with their sexual desire.  The God created women to be nice and beautiful for the men. But men should respect them and not misuse them for his sexual desires. They should be covered, because our men cannot control themselves. They should not be free on the streets, because our men got wild to see them and they want sex right away.  They cannot be in bikini and swim like a human being, because the little man of your men get excited and get big and hard and will be wild, and the men cannot control them. They control you men, the little men between their legs. And they are real master of your men? 

 Your men did not see a girl in a normal dress; so in the time that he sees the leg of a nice girl or young woman, his little man between his legs, get big and hard and will go to any hole around him.  The skin and hair of your beautiful girls and young women should not get sunshine, because your men by seeing the hair and skin of a woman get a hard and long little man between their own legs. And should they listen to that little commander in chief? Even the animals do not raped the females, and they try to attract the female to them, they do not use force for intercourse.  But your women and girls afraid even to bicycle, because the men see them moving, and get crazy by seeing the move of the organ of a girl.  All of you see in the girls and women only as sexual objects, your thinking and your attitude is only sex and animal feeling, instinct of sex behavior. You do not see in a girl a friend, sister, and daughter.

And in women you should see mothers or your aunts. Sex which is covered totally by love or with other words, sex combined with love is good and beautiful, but you did not learn this beauty, you think only for sex. Love is died in you.  For you sex does not belong to a hot love. Sex has been separated for you from love, friendship and unity.  My friend said how I can buy a cat in a basket. I have to have a good relationship and sexual love with her, so I can know her better and I can marry her. How can I marry a girl before sleeping with her, I do not know if we can be satisfied or not. So we should know each other better, before decide to marry. We should know if we fit each other also sexually and we can be happy with each other in the time of sexual intercourse and after that. I cannot marry a girl with whom I did not sleep before.

To have virginity is not so important. We should fit each other socially, and mentally, too. We should also understand each other and respect each other. And complete each other and not be against each other.  He said the girls in Middle East want to be man and some of them are trying to be a man. Many young girls have clothes of a boy to see like a boy. They hate their condition and will fight for it. We should learn to see in women our sisters, nieces, mothers, aunts, daughters and wives, or our future wife. And we should control ourselves and our desires. And so they should not cover themselves in the thick clothes which are not healthy for them. We should see in the beauty created by God, and respect this beauty and admire it and we should not destroy them by our sexual not normal desires.  And use them as a sex dull. 

 Our boys should learn also to respect themselves and love the girls as their friends and sisters. And do not cheat them, they should keep their little Satan between their legs clean and nicely and do not put them in any hole which is ready, they can get sexual sicknesses and be unhappy for their whole short life. They should love and respect their little ones, too and do not let it goes where ever it wants. No woman will be prostitute if a man does not make sex with her. Our men should not manufacture the prostitute. The man who misuses the poor girl for his sex and makes her a prostitute is in the same level or even less than a prostitute.  I wish that sex only was combined with deep love and unity. 

 If the men control themselves we will have no female prostitute.  So you see to compare a culture with the measurement of other culture is totally wrong. The one who does this is ignorant and he/she does not know about relative situation or condition and cultures. Nothing is absolute, everything is relative. Also the cultures are not absolute, but only relative according to the culture and environment.  To disrespect women and force them to cover her body and separate them from the men is an insult to the God who created them. So that means the God created the women wrongly, and we should correct His mistake by covering them totally.  The one who cannot control his sexual desire and or his bad temper; should correct himself, and the women should not be the victim of wild men?    The West people say that your wrong moral has not a validation.  Whatever you do not allow to happen to you, you should not wish for other people.  If we do not like our sister or daughter or mother be played by other men, so we should not play and be immoral with people sisters, daughters or mothers. A Persian king, named Nasereddin Shah of Ghajar had eighty wives in his harem.  This dictator put all these women in prison and had a lot of prisoners for them. These women had a lot of sexual desires and they should kill all their sexual feeling. As the king could not have contact with them every night. But the king took out a lot of men testis and make them eunuch.  These men without testis should take care of these women and help them, like a husband them, a husband who cannot have intercourse with them.

 They may hate the women and the poor women were surrounded by sort of creature who hate them. They could not be a good friends with them.  So do you think as a king he had time for the people or to govern the country in a good way. They thought they were king just to make sex and eat well and enjoy themselves well. They could not understand that they are king to help and support their people.  They spend money for their belly and under their belly, and did not care about the people at all. The good Amir Kabir has been killed by this ignorant king. The king was a slave of his sex and his little man between his legs guided him. Amir Kabir wanted to work for the people, and the king wanted to work for his Satan between his own legs. The people like Nasereddin Shah are a lot and even now they are damaging our society for their greed of sex and money. They want to take out all men testis, so they can have all women in the world.

They want to have every night another virgin girl. So you see they want the whole country women for themselves. They want to have sex with a virgin girl one time, give her their semen and she should be pregnant and send to the harem. And the eunuch should guard them to have no love affairs. So the girls in Middle East should be covered and stay virgin for such men, and they should not use their talent for sport and science.  And because the God created them as women, they should be punished.   The men and women are like the feet of a person, or like the two wings of a bird. To separate them from their brothers and fathers or friends and keep them virgin for bad selfish rich immoral people is not right. So they should stay virgin for the rich and selfish people? The people like Nasereddin Shah and Fat Ali Shah Ghajar who had 158 wives in his harem. 

 The one who was so busy with sex and women, and we lost in his time the seventeen huge cities in Caucasus. So took off the chain of slaves and be free. The girls and boys both of them should be equally treated and both should have the possibilities to have activities in sport, science and work.  They should have proper dress like other women and girls in the time that they want to exercise sport activities.  A girl full of veil and clothes how can she run like a girl with proper dress for that sport. The Islamic girls who are totally covered get hot and wet and cannot have the same freedom as a girl in the light sport clothes.   Or a girl who play volley ball with hard and heavy clothes how she can be the same as other girl from other country with a normal sport clothes.  The smell of her body and the wetness in her clothes prevent her to perform a nice play. 

 A beautiful woman in veil or in normal clothes both of them can be attractive for a man. The veil cannot stop the desire of men, it has no effect at all. The cover the women in heavy clothes and thick black dresses cannot prevent the sexual desire of men. We should not cheat ourselves; a beautiful woman is attractive, if she is necked or totally covered. Men should control himself. We can look to beautiful women who are totally covered with sexual desires and we can look to a necked woman as a model without any sexual desire. And just see the beauty in her and praise the God for the nice complete creation.  A Moslem woman totally covered can be attractive and we can wish to have sex with her. And a necked woman can be seen as a creation of God without any sexual desire. That is us the man who can see in women their sisters, daughters, mothers and aunts. So we have to control ourselves and not our female friends be punished for our weaknesses.  

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