Torment Of Soul – Anguish Of Mind, Where Art Thou O’ Lord, Where Art Thou

In the midst of chaos, my very soul, quite tormented
Seeking peace, in any and all, through all eternity, my very soul, indeed quite tormented

The grace of God, meant to be sufficient, yet through it all, from heaven to hell 
No peace, neither tranquility, no my darling, where art thou O’ God, where art Thou

Read the Holy Books, of no use my darling, the very depths of Hades, quite apparent 
Come hither, not thither, no my sweet, where are the angels, all but demons here, all through and through

Along the stream of heaven, the very angels of torment, celebrating with glee
O’ Lord, the God of salvation, your absence palpable, where art Thou, my sweet, where art Thou 

The Prophets of old, all by me, completely in awe, yet hopelessly incapable
Not understanding anything, no my darling, quite incapable, O’ Lord of salvation, where art Thou

Moses telling Jesus, O’ My Brother, thou were on that cross, in Calvary, why thou not understand this demon
Jesus quite bewildered, totally astounded, have not much to say, no my darling, our Lord, where art Thou

The blessed Mohammad, quite helpless as others, sitting by my very side
Comforting, yet to no avail, no my sweet, the depths of Hell are prevailing, O’ sweet Lord, where art Thou

My Mowlana, where is our beloved Shams, my sweet brethren, the very torment of eternity, upon my shoulder
No relief, no my sweet, where is the heavenly bliss, eluding me, in all its ways, O’ Lord of creation, where art Thou

The angel Gabriel, sent from Heaven, yet totally helpless, just like others 
All blessed Saints, beckoning the very spirits of salvation, yet all to no avail, O’ Lord of mercy, where art Thou

All to naught, and naught to all, give us relief, O’ Lord, or give us death 
Much grief and suffering, yes my sweet, within my spirit, my soul in pain, O’ God of mercy, where art Thou

Amongst this chaos, the very Tunnel Of Light, opening up, in total glory
My salvation there, yes my darling, so is all Heaven and Hell, all angels and demons, O’ God of mercy, where art Thou

Remember my darling, the very glory of Heaven, and the very torments of Hell, are all within you
Cast out the demons, and embrace all angels, yes my sweet, all within you, and through it all, where art Thou O’ Lord, where art Thou

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