Dameh Tiger Woods garm

Lets see.  A 33 year old guy who is a true super star. A damn good looking and charismatic man with more money than God. A man who spends over 120 days a year on the road away from your wife.

Is there a chance for your penis to override your brain?  The answer is a resounding yes.

Tiger woods, a married man with 2 kids has knowingly committed adultery.  There is no excuse for this.  He shall and will pay for this transgression monetarily, emotionally, spiritually & physically.  But thats between him, God and his wife.  Its non of anyone else’s business. Especially here in America where 51% of married men have committed adultery, more than once!!!

The affair allegedly started 31 months ago.  Lets see.  What happened 31 months ago or thereabouts.

Tiger’s dad, who was his hero, mentor, father, best friend all wrapped in one died in May 2006.  That was 37 months ago.

So 6 months after his dad’s loss, he went crazy.  Thats what happens sometimes.  Its sad.

It just irritates the shit out of me when I see and hear White Americans on TV and radio talk about this and pass judgment on this guy.  All I have to watch here in China is CNN and BBC.  Its like there is NO other news in the world other than this!  I realize this (I mean the U.S.) is a free country and Wood’s is sort of a public figure. 

Sorry, just had to vent.

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