The life of Shahriyar

This time I will try to write the nonfiction story of Shahriyar, and I will try to explain his family condition and his whole situation also. May be it will be useful for some people. If today the Victor Hugo was alive, he could write the life of Sohila Ghadiri as a new roman. She was persecuted and hanged up just like Fantin the female character of his book Miserable. In Iran, still are a lot of miserable people who should fight for a minimum of life. Sohila came to Tehran to have a better life, but she is misused and raped and at least she should be punished for the cruel action the people performed to her. Just like Fantin the female character of Victor Hugo. She found at the end a man who wanted support her, but the man himself came to trouble and he could only save the life of Fantin’s daughter Cozet.

As you can imagine that you are a girl and you have no place to live, you stay on the street the whole day. The man who are nice to you, want just pure sex from you, they do not care about your life and about your exist. The man who is addicted makes you pregnant, you have fear; you think you have HIV diseases. The man who made you pregnant has no money and no work, he may be forced you to be his sex puppet. He put his part of his male organ in yours and get you pregnant. You did not want that, but you are forced, may be the men first bit you badly and after that, they performed sex with you. You hate yourself as you are so weak and you are misused as a girl or woman by men. You like to kill everybody; you start to kill the baby who born. Because you afraid she/he will have the same life like you. You hate your life, how can you let your love have the same life, you kill the baby as you love her/him and later the people who were until now so indifferent, came after you and persecute you and hang you up. They did not give you any chance to live normal. They were indifferent to you or cruel to you. Now they show interest about you and want to persecute you, because you did wrong things.

The life is nice and full of joy and happiness for some people and bitter and hard, unfriendly and difficult for other people. The people should fight for a minimum of life and face a lot of difficulties. A stupid man like Fatali Shah is the king, he has almost hundred sixty wives. Can you imagine that also; a man with hundred sixty women. All these women are beautiful nice and young and are the sex slave of the king, or they are food for the little master of the Fatali Shah. Is that fair that a man had so many wives and a normal man could not have even one?< These all women were guarded by the men who were eunuch that means their testis have been moved out and these creatures did not have as a normal man the testis. They were like a man, but they could not love a woman and have sex with a woman. Their sexual organ was inactive and their little man could not move properly and could not get hard to enter the little ladies soft place any more. For this reason the king trusted them to take care of his wives. The poor women in the harem did not have a better life, too. They were like sex object. They were used may be few times by the king as a sex material and they get pregnant and send here to live under the eunuchs the rest of their lives. These sorts of king have only time to make sex. May be the whole day and night, they were playing and making the sex. Just imagine a man with 160 wives?< Has no time for other matters. His son was fighting with Russian in the north of Iran and he was fighting with the pussy of his wives the whole time. He did not send enough money and food to the soldiers. And they lost the war. This stupid people who could not think even properly and have no idea what a country needs, they thought they are king just to be honored and make sex and have a nice life. One of his ground sons Nasereddin Shah had only eight wives. And again such people have no feeling for other people, they think they are king, because the God wanted and they are extraordinary people and should just be respected and make sex. Now you can see how cruel the system is one has too much and the other one has nothing.

One can marry 160 women and one cannot have even one?

We should not ignore this fact, that the people want love and family and welfare, they will use their power and brain and body. We cannot force the people to destroy their love senses, because they are poor. Now with this introduction I can continue the life of Shahriyar.

The story started with a woman who should marry a man, whom she does not love and does not know. She should marry him, because she is poor and or because of other problems like religious problems. There is not enough man in her religion, so she should marry a bad man from the dominant religion. In a religion with a small group of members; it will be more difficult to find a husband or wife, than in a religion with a lot of members. So Bahiyeh Khnom married at the age of fourteen to a man who was sixty five years old and was ugly. She told me later that he had a small head of a huge body, and one of his hands was cut also, because of sickness. This little beautiful puppet should be his wife. Who has no knowledge and was a man only. She runs away in the first time, or the first night from his house. And she will refugee in her aunt’s house. Bahiyeh has lost her father, before she was born. So the people said that girl had bad luck with herself. The people said , as this child bring bad luck, it is better to put her on the way, so somebody will take her. As the husband was dead, the mother could not pay the cost of the child, so she went to his brother in law house and asked for help. The brother of her husband was a rich man, but he was not generous man and he was not good to the mother of Bahiyeh. He told her, put the child on the way and go and work as a maid. The poor young mother came out of his house with crying and so she married the first man who asked her and wanted to marry her. The man, who married her, was a poor man, but he had a heart also for the baby and accepted the baby as his own daughter. So in the time that she was fourteen, they want to give her away. So again the first man who showed interest about her, they were willing to give her hand to that man. This beautiful young girl should marry a man who is fifty one years older than her; he had no education and not even a nice face. The only positive point in him was that he made good money. He was sort of battler of a rich man, who had villages and factory.

The family influence her that your husband males good money and you will have a comfortable life. And so she came back to her husband, Mirza Ali Khan. And she born a child for him, and they named him Shahriyar. But this young bridge runs away from that old husband and mostly she lived with her family, to avoid seeing him. The beautiful young girl, with soft skin, very white and nice should live with a man who has one hand, is ugly and very old.

There was no love and interest between them at all. And with the time they start to hate each other. The family of Bahiyeh was all rich and academic people, even her father was a nice man, but he died as a young man and gave the bad luck sign to his daughter. Bahiyeh’ parent were Baha’i, but she married a Moslem man. The family of Bahiyeh Khanom was important Baha’i people, but her husband had no family at all. He came may be from other state to Tehran and this state was taken away by the Russian, after the Persian Russian war. He was a sort of refugee, came alone to Iran, the remained Iran, as a young boy. Bahiyeh had fight with him about two years and at the end, she left him. May be the whole time that they lived together was less than two months. That was the mistake of her parent, that without consulting with her, they gave him to the first man who asked her hand. But any way after few months that she left him, he died also. Mirza Ali Khan was very angry and upset with her, so in his will; he insisted that she and the son should have no portion of his wealth and he gave all his wealth to somebody else. He was angry, because she divorced him. And that was the last unlucky that Bahiyeh had. Is she stayed few months more with him, she could get at least a good portion of his wealth and the rest will go to her son.

To live with him was so painful for her, that she could not stay longer. And she did not know he will die so soon also. Bahiyeh Khanom will go to her half sister, Ms. Rezwaniyeh, who was an academic nurse and had BS degree in the early time of the rule of the king Mohammad Reza Shah. She was a sort of medical doctor at that time. She was hired by the government and was working in a nice hospital in Tehran. And she had a good salary and could easily support her older sister. Her husband Ali Agha was also a college teacher and both of them loved Bahiyeh. Both of them were willing to help the unlucky sister with the son. They had a good life with the sister family and helped her in the house hold.

Shahriyar was thirteen years old that he felt in love with the neighbor’s girl. Robabe was a beautiful nice, very white girl, she was white like snow and she was very sharp also. They were very rich and had a big garden next to Rezwan’s house. As their house was two floors, Shahriyar could see from the window inside the garden easily. Robabe was playing always with Shahriyar together and they liked each others. So in this year, that they have other wishes, they meet each other at the end of the garden and they kissed each other with fear and interest. But their house and garden was big and they had always a nice place to be just with each other and nobody could disturb them and they start to kiss each other with other interest as children do. But it was not so serious, too. As they were just thirteen years old, the people thought they are play in the end of the garden with each other. Robabe told Shahriyar that she know a play, it is pussy play or little lady play. But Shahriyar did not understand what she meant. What is between the pussy of a girl and the pussy play, but Robabe was a sharp girl, much more advanced as Shahriyar was. Robabe told him, do not worry ; I will teach it to you, because I have it. The sex and love was coming to them and they were not real kids any more, they were young boy and young girl. They were now Teenagers. The parent of Robabe forced her to cover herself and has scarf or big Chador. The parent of Robabe did not send her to the elementary school, but to and Islamic old system school, which was thought by a woman named Molabaji. Shahriyar was in the seventh grade and Robabe was going in the same level, but in the Islamic private little school.

May be the Robabe also did not know exactly what Nazbazi or Pussy play is, but a force inside them push them to do this play. They see each other every day at the end of Robabe garden and kissed each other for hours. That day, Robabe told Shahriyar that her parent went to the mosque and the whole house is empty and she can teach the pussy play tonight to me. But it is a dangerous play for the two young people. And you should have a heart of a lion to perform this play. Robabe let the door of the garden open and so Shahriyar could go easily to the end of the house easily. Robabe was waiting for him there. And she came toward him and hugged him. And they start like other days to kiss each other, Robabe said stop I will teach you pussy play. Robabe took out her breast out of the bra, both of them and said to him, for example you are my baby, come and suck the nipple of my breast. The two nice rounds, white and hard breast of Robabe were like two white lemons. Come my baby suck more, it is so nice, bit them, press them, suck harder. You should get milk from them. Do it harder and harder. Hold them also in your hand and press them hard as hard as you can. You see the play is so nice. O Shahriyar that is so nice and so good. After that, she take off her shirt and Shahriyar could see her snow white legs and at the end a little red triangles, which was her very little short. Fear, shy and sex attacked Shahriyar and he was afraid and shocked by seeing so much of a girl. What a boy in his age dreams to see. In that time in Iran, there were not a lot of pictures of necked woman. So to see a picture of a woman was for the boy in his age a dream and now he was seeing a real one. Shahriyar was completely confused and lost. So much at once was too much for him. He had to wish just to see a woman picture with the bath cloths, and now he was seeing a real girl with her short. But Robabe was more active and faster and much sharper than him, so she took his shaking hand and put it inside her short on her pussy and between its lips. It was hot and we, and she said that is pussy play, now you can play with it. You can press its lips and rob them. In the time that Shahriyar was playing with her pussy, she opened his pant and put her hand is his short and got his little one in her hand and pressed it. It was also hot and hard. One hand on the pussy and one hand around her body, Robabe did the same, one hand hold the little one and with other hand hugged him. And they kissed each other like crazy as they did not see each other for years. After a while Robabe lies on the leaves in the garden on her back and ordered him to lay on her. She brings her leg up and says to Shahriyar to stay between her legs. She said you can put your little hard one between the lips of my pussy, but do not try to go inside me. Just rob your little hard one on my pussy. Few second after that the semen is coming out of his little one and it spry everywhere. Robabe told him, do not try to put it more in me. I get than pregnant and will born a baby for you. It is a dangerous action, be careful. Even if I say to you put and push yours inside me, do not do it. I get may be mad of sex and ask you to push yours completely inside me, but it is dangerous and we are not husband and wife. We want just play. But Shahriyar just by seeing her pussy and her leg was almost finished. He tried to keep the semen inside him, but he could not control it anymore and he made her wet. He was shying as he sees she was wet with his semen, but she was not angry with him and said, sometime it happen like this. But I wished you could keep your semen inside you more. Robabe told him now I should take an Islamic washing action, as I am dirty. And she cleaned herself with her scarf and told to him, you have to take a shower also, you have to wash your whole body, because the semen came out of you and you are also now dirty.

But it was a nice play, come tomorrow; we can continue the play. A force says to Shahriyar, that is a very dangerous play. Robabe is a daughter of a high clergy man, an ayatollah. He is a rich and famous, influence able ayatollah; he has power and money, he can destroy the whole family of yours. Even the aunt and her husband will have problems. The ayatollah has Robabe after four sons. She was the beloved daughter of him; as a child she sits on his and he touched her with a lot of love. If the brothers of Robabe know that they played pussy, they will kill him in pieces. You are living in a Baha’i family; the whole Baha’i family could come to dangerous situation. They can burn their house and all of you can die, or burn in the fire of their anger. But to see the beautiful Robabe with her nice legs and soft body with the two little balls, her white breast with the nipple that he is allowed to suck. O how can he not go?< The love and hot sex was forcing the little man to go. His whole body was burning with love and sex. But we were playing always with each other over ten years we know each other, as we were little babies. And her father always kissed me and told me my son feel here as your house. How can they be so angry with me, as I play pussy with the girl? In the time that I was seven or eight, they allowed me to play with her toys in her bedroom. They were very rich and the father of Robabe gave her a lot of money every day. We went together to the ice cream shop and bought a lot of ice and eat them together. We were good friend. He remembered that Robabe had a young aunt who was not married, she took him and pressed him between her breasts and kissed him a lot and told him, do not say to your mother that I kissed you so much. She put her hand on his skin and robbed it a lot of time and kissed him everywhere. He did not understand why she is so nice to him and kisses him so much as he was her son. < The same thing that they do with Robabe, she did with him. And said to Shahriyar, you can call me my dear aunt. Now they do the same thing, only now they are not seven, but thirteen.

Robabe wanted to go to the high school, so she forced her parent to let her be examined for the six grades and next year she want to go to high school. They agreed that she should learned the six grade hard in the summer, too and be examined; if she pass the exam, she can go to the high school next year.

Shahriyar was now in the seventh grade and he was a very good student. His score was A only. Robabe was very sharp girl and she told her parent she want to learn with Shahriyar. They agree that Shahriyar can come every day to their house and will learn with Robabe. They can write and paint together. So to make it easier, the parent of Robabe make a temporary marriage between them, so they can be with each other according to the Islamic law and regulation. Robabe told the Shahriyar, now we are like husband and wife and we can see each other bodies legally without performing any sins. They started to learn with each other very good and both of them were very good in all their lessons. So Robabe passed the exam of the sixth grade with A and could go to the high school. Robabe continued play the pussy play, but she never allowed him to go inside in her pussy. She told him that is a very dangerous action, I got blood and may get also pregnant. You can just put your hard little one between the lips of my pussy and just rob it gently until your semen come out. May be her mother warned her of this, that she should not let the little hard one goes inside her pussy. Just outside is fine.

One day, Robabe told Shahriyar that a man over thirty came to their house and want marry me. Her mother told her, he is a good man and had enough money to make me happy.

My mother told me I have two days time to prepare myself and give her my answer. I want to marry and have a real man in my life. If do not like this pussy play anymore, it is for children. I want a real man who can put his little big and hard one inside me completely. You cannot imagine in the time that you were upon me; my little one wanted so badly yours inside. But we could not do it, because you were so young. I do not know how I could manage it. But I am very tired of this pussy playing. We were too young and we afraid to do a real love. My father will finish our contract of temporary marriage, so I can marry him. I know your little one is big and hard, but you should know how to drive it inside a woman perfectly. And we could not do it. My little one was also excited and wet, and she wanted badly yours, but we could not do it. You get so fast finished and you let all your semen on my belly; I got upset, I wanted you in me. My little one makes me crazy. But now I get a real man, who knows how he can take off my virginity and put his little hard one inside me and make me pregnant. I will tell you everything later. I will learn and I will also teach you, how you can go inside women completely. I will come one day and will practice with you; how you can put yours inside the little lady.

After that he took his Shahriyar hand and put on her pussy and said she is asking me badly to find a hard long friend for her. Shahriyar loved Robabe very much and as he sees she is getting marry and will go away was very upset. But what can a fourteen years old boy do? If he was rich, may be they let them to stay with each other and be fiancé with each other and may be they would even them to marry really each other. They arranged a huge wedding party for Robabe and the whole family of Shahriyar was invited also. A poor boy without father living in the family of his mother was not important for the family of Robabe.

After a while Shahriyar got a letter from Robabe, first she asked him, after he read the letter should he destroy the letter or burn it. She gave him a date and place that they can see each other. Shahriyar went there. She told him, that her husband is a good man and they have a very nice sex after the guests have gone, he performed more than ten times the intercourse with her. He was hard and big and he could guide the little one perfectly inside her. It was hard and long and I feel; it is going in all my body. I want to learn it to you; it is good for you, in the time that you have a wife, so you know exactly what you should do. You need experience and I wish I could teach you. You know you should let her to sleep on her back, than open her legs and ask her to brings her leg as much as she can up. < After that you should try to find her pussy and push yours inside her. If you cannot find it, ask her to take yours with her hand and guide it to her pussy. After that you should act like you are on a horse. You cannot stay inside her for a long time; it will be boring for her. She likes that you come out and go inside again and again. As much as you can, fast or slow; it does not a matter, until your semen came out. Robabe told him, now she is pregnant and her belly is big, but she will teach him as far as she gets possibilities. But now it is dangerous, because we do not have contract with each other and I am married; legally I cannot have love and or sex with you anymore. But as long as nobody knows it; it is fine with me.

Shahriyar has finished the high school with these entire sex and love problem, which he tried to kill in himself. Sometime he did the masturbation with his own hand or he took a plastic bag and filled it with hot water and tried to bring his semen out. But after all these activities he had pain and he was nervous. He tried not to think about sex or love anymore and only he tries to dream at night, which had no pain and problem for him. Sometime in the time he was invited to his family, he could not even sleep, because he afraid the semen out in the middle of night and the whole bet will be wet. He finished also university and get a job. But still he was poor and had no house and no car. Nobody wanted marry him. He saw that rich boys and young rich men are married and he should stay alone. First he was not rich and second he was living with his aunt and they were Baha’i. The Baha’is count him as a Moslem, because his father was Moslem and have some Moslem family may be out of Iran. The Baha’i girl will not marry him so easily. After he got his MA and was instructor at the university; he had the same problem. She had some fiancé, but as soon as they found out, that he is not the son of Rezwan’s; they run away. The Moslem girls were the same, because his mother was Baha’i and he was living in his aunt house, they do not want to marry him. Shahriyar decided to work very hard and a lot of hours, and may be if he gets rich; he can marry a girl.

He worked fifteen years, in two or three places in the same time. He had always two or three jobs and saved his money like crazy. He bought a very small apartment and moved with his mother there. Still a girl with BA degree did not want to marry him. He was not Baha’i, but the Moslem counts him as a Baha’i. Now he was forty four years old and had a nice small apartment and a Peycan, a Persian car. Still he was alone and could not find a wife. One day Robabe saw him in bazaar and went to him and as a good friend, Shahriyar told him; that he is so alone and like to marry, but nobody want marry me. Robabe told him; she had two daughters, one is twenty eight and the other one twenty seven, but both of them are married. If it is difficult for you to marry in the city of Tehran come to our village, the village girls are willing to marry you. After that she told him, if he can love a woman?< Shahriyar said, he thinks so.

Shahriyar had gone to the village and married a girl from village. They had a very simple life. Until the glorious revolution of Iran happened and Shahriyar is sent out of the work, because they said you are a Baha’i. Shahriyar told them, I have a Moslem wife and my father was Moslem and I am also Moslem. I do not know anything about Baha’i faith. Only they help me as I lost my father. They said, you are a Baha’i, if you are not writing a bad article against the Baha’i in the newspaper and say bad words to their founder and false prophet, so you cannot continue to work. Shahriyar told them, how I can do it. My mother and my aunt who paid for my life are Baha’i. They said it is the only way. You can go and work as a worker in the construction companies. In Tehran are so many Afghan workers, so you can be one of them. With his firing, his wife had divorced him and she took the child and they went to her parent in the village. Shahriyar is after the work, he goes in the morning out of house and came in the night back, without any positive result. During this searching, he uses his Peycan and took other people with his car and charge them a very fair money. He want to go out of Iran and try in other countries to work, but they do not give him passport as he is for them Baha’i. he has to be a illegal taxi driver, after having almost twenty years working as a instructor and having a MA with the best score. He was a very beloved instructor at the university. But now he works as a simple worker or as a taxi driver and all his experience and knowledge is useless. He killed his love and sex for many years. Now he should live like a second grade human in his own country.

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