Does it sound familiar Miss Shifteh Ansari?

Guatemala 1953-1954 : … All manner of disinformation was spread and rumors fomented; dummy parachute drops were made in scattered areas to heighten the belief that a major invasion was taking place.

United Fruit Company’s publicity office circulated photographs to journalists of mutilated bodies about to be buried in a mass grave as an example of the atrocities committed by the Arbenz regime. The photos received extensive coverage…In a similar vein, Washington officials reported on political arrests and censorship in Guatemala without reference to the fact that the government was under siege…

This is a piece I recommend every Iranian and particularly the new batch of Iranian chicken hawks to read:

Guatemala 1953-1954 — While the world watched, excerpted from the book “Killing Hope” by William Blum…

How many of us Iranians actually read history? Or learn from it? And no watching that junk on the History Channel does not count.

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