Comments by Reza Pahlavi to a Group of Prominent American Business Leaders in New York City

This is a continuation of Reza Pahlavi’s engagements internationally with governmental and business leaders, journalists and others to amplify the voice of the Iranian people in their ever Green quest for human rights and dignity.

“…Since the election, the people’s movement – today dubbed as the “Green Movement” – has been embraced by Iranians of all walks of life and political persuasions. Its nature is pluralistic. It defines itself as a movement which is not just advocating the merits of freedom, but also as a movement which is willing to pay the price for freedom. As such, in the spirit of pluralism and democracy, it values the importance of defending everyone’s rights to their opinions…”

“…Time is of the essence, however. On the immediate horizon, the world is contemplating further sanctions against the clerical regime. On this note, I have regularly emphasized in my talks around the world, the importance of targeted personalized sanctions against the regime’s leadership, rather than the Iranian people. As Iran inches closer to achieving nuclear capability, the private financial fiefdoms of the clerical regime continue to provide economic and material support for terrorist groups, both regionally and beyond. It is their dangerous pocketbooks that must be sanctioned. The imposition of smart sanctions that specifically target the assets of key decision makers, and the means of the Revolutionary Guards to oppress the peopl… >>>

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