Green satire: Photos of Khamenei & Ahmadinemad dressed as women

When it arrested Majid Tavakoli, the Khamenei regime counted on humiliating a student/martyr by claiming he disguised himself with a hajib to escape. Its behavior was similar to the way it killed Neda then invented six different stories to blame her death on someone else. 

Considering the extent of the crimes he intended to commit after rigging the election of June 12th, Khamenei had no choice but to impose “total” censorship.”  When that failed, propagandists were given the hopeless task of trying to persuade the Iranian people that they didn’t really see what they clearly saw.    In Tavakoli’s case, endless photos & You Tube videos show the clearly bearded young man addressing thousands of students that day.  People ask, “What good would a hajib do a bearded man?  Would he need to escape anything if we had a government led by decent people instead of immoral thugs?”  Similarly photos and videos of Neda’s murder contradict the regime everywhere, while people simply laugh at Basilj “reenactments.”


Go to the following site to see how the Green Movement is once again using satire to turn the tables on a regime and leaders who everyone now mocks and detests.    Young men have taken photos of themselves in hajibs and posted them online.   Someone even posted photos of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad dressed as women.   You’ll find links to those photos here.  Maybe Saturday Night Live can have fun with the incident.

The two top leaders in this regime get no respect at all after all the crimes they’ve committed.  Meanwhile divisions among supporters have spread to the Khamenei family itself.   The Supreme Leader ordered the closure of his brother’s newspaper a few days ago.  The brother has joined the reformers.

How many families–brother vs. brother, child vs. parent, husband or boy friend vs. wife or girl friend–are being riven apart by this regime?


Why not announce a national “Tavakoli” Day to shine more light on the regime’s blatant outlaw behavior?   Have the men wear hajibs?   Why not have women demonstrators wear beards?  Satire! Satire! Satire! Imagine the fun Iranians would have with that and what foreign media would make of it.  What will the Basilj make of it?  How many will chuckle silently?


Iran’s rulers lack any common sense, they’d ask this question:

“How much better off would we be right now had we not committed so many visible crimes?  Did we accomplish what we hoped to achieve or the opposite?” 

Anyone can see that such questions aren’t asked.  Like a runaway freight train, the regime commits a new and shameful crime almost daily. Trying to undo the damage afterwards with silly propaganda makes things worse for the regime.  No one provides better fodder for satire that this government.  No one does more to increase defections among former supporters. 

Things have reached the point where anyone who now tries to defend the undefensible is rightly seen as a complete idiot or paid stooge.  Crowds greeting Ahmadinejad and Khamenei shrink to Basilj and bussed in only, making photoshopping essential.  Government spokesmen get a demoralizing taste of the regime’s unpopularity every time they attempt to speak at a college campus. 

If you want another nice treat, go to You Tube and watch videos of such incidents.

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