Iranian Protestors Raped in Iranian prisons

Here is a report from the BBC about protesters in Iran. It shows one Iranian protester, Maryam Sabri, who was raped in Iranian prisons for protesting AN. Now that she has sought refuge in Turkey, Iranian authorities are threatening her father back in Iran.

This is for waffen SS Major and other IRI apologists who have the gall to claim that AN is legitimate, that the protesters are a minority, and that most Iranians are happy with their government. Iranians around the world, bear witness- your government arrests young women whose only crime is asking for their most basic human rights. When they do not get a confession from them, they rape them and laugh. All in the name of Islam. Welcome to an Islamic Republic, lead by an Islamic Fuehrer, to make sure that we mortals do not get strayed from the “right path”.

Let me guess, the apologists will justify this by bringing up America, Israel, Guantanamo, etc. etc. Well I have news for you-

I am Iranian. The standard I use for my country is that of Cyrus, Zoroaster, Babak Khorramdin, Kaveh Ahangar, Ferdosi, Hafez, Saadi, Khayam, Amir Kabir, Abou Ali Sina, Abou Reyhan-e-Birooni, etc etc. The Iranian people will not buy your justifications.

Because their is no justification for crimes against humanity.

The chief criminal Islamic Fuehrer and his fascist system must go.


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