The Delusion Of Reality – Nothing There, Everything Here, Yes My Sweet, In The Here And Now

The blessed child, murmuring, with passion, about his faith
Great curiosity, at the feet of the Master, wondering, where the Truth, indeed lies

In the Labyrinth of knowledge, going to and fro, and indeed, in circles
Yes my darling, all illusion, be not deluded, embrace all understanding, and nothing else 

Look across your shoulder, The God Of Creation, is that him 
No my darling, all an illusion, the sweetness of paradise, all within you

From here to infinity, all spirits, no angels, yes my sweet, all dancing
Pay no attention, no my darling, to the musings of the Prophet, All, a total hallucination

In all Heaven and Earth, the scent of a flower, more precious, than all creation
Embrace the Truth, yes my darling, not mumbo-jumbo, neither, hocus-pocus

In the realm of knowledge, faith, is but a non-sensical aberration
Casually embrace reality, with an open heart, yes my love, lest you fall, in to the trap of delusion 

Every step, in the wonder, of the lover, embracing, the loved
Yes my sweet, our love, No God, much blessing, in the palms of fate, in total Ecstasy

Let God be God, yes my sweet, and let us be humans
Share with me my bliss, yes my darling, our bliss, is indeed, our God, and, nothing else

If Mowlana told you to embrace him, yes my sweet, make great passionate love
My God, Your Divinity, yes my darling, our Mowlana, no angels, none needed 

If your Prophet is Mohammad, embrace Jesus, and then cast both of them out
If your Prophet is Bahaullah, love Moses, then worship, Mowlana

My Brother, this is not blasphemy, but the release, of your true reality
Let go of all traditions, embrace the spirit, the Love Of God, yes my darling, you and me, and nothing else

My Sweetheart, hold my hand, as I walk this path, with you
No fears, no my darling, neither anxiety, now hold my hand, as I walk this path, with you

We need no Prophets, neither angels, no my darling, but the spirit of God, in our bosom
That’s all, yes my sweet, have no worries, much blessing, and yes, total Ecstasy, now come, hold my hand, as I walk this path, with you

Our God is on our side, the angels ahead of us, no demons, no my darling, none to bother us
Now come my sweet, the time has arrived, for us to depart, now hold my hands, with passion, as I walk this path, with you

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