US freezes 2.5 Billion Dollars of Iranian Money-ACTION NEEDED

The US Justice Dept upon instruction from the Treasury Dept. is withholding $2.5 billion of Iranian funds held by a European company called Clearinghouse.  This was revealed on 12/10/2009.  It has been withheld since last summer.

The US Justice Dept plans to withhold the funds and distribute them amongst victims of the 1983 Marine barracks in which over 270 marines died.

The Iranian community should voice its great and grave concern regarding these recent seizures.  If the US believes that the money withheld belongs to the Iranian government then one needs to wonder why Saddam’s money was frozen and turned over to the Iraqi government. 

If the US believes that this money belongs to the Iranian people then it could do one of two things: procure essential equipment that it believes will be used strictly for civilian use with the funds such as Boeing parts and agricultural equipment  and send them over to Iran.

Or the US could hold the funds in a special account until relations are repaired.

This is nothing short of state sponsored priracy similar to what the Somalis are doing in high seas.

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