The nuke in Cyrus Cylinder

There is a widely backed call including by many Iranians in Diaspora asking British Museum to rescind the decision to loan the clay Cyrus Cylinder to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.  For a period of four months beginning January 16th 2010 the Cylinder is going to be in the hands of Islamist Rapists.

The logic behind the call is as sound as it gets. These loan programs are based on trust and responsibility.  In the past thirty years Islamist Rapists have proven in thousand and one ways to be wholly and acutely deficient on both traits.

Their animosity with Iran’s history and negligent guardianship of artifacts representing nearly three millennia of Iranian cultural heritage is well documented.

So it makes perfect sense to not want to have the Kourosh (Cyrus) Cylinder’s faith being entrusted to such people with track record of barbaric behavior toward Iran including her people, history, national icons and particularly ancient customs and treasures.

That in mind the question that begs an answer is how could some who are dead set against the Cyrus Cylinder being put in the hands of the untrustworthy Islamist Rapists, strongly favor or are neutral about them being in possession of nuke?

How the inherent contradiction could be rectified where on the one hand signed and sealed promises of Islamist Rapists in regard to Cyrus Cylinder are not believed. And on the other hand the same Islamist Rapists’ promises that their vast full cycle for two decades clandestine dual purpose nuke program is solely for “peaceful” intent are believed?  

When Considering Islamist Rapists’ nuke adventurism is threatening to instigate possible devastation on Iran and Iranians including innumerable cultural treasures, the contradiction is amplified. Something dose not jive.   


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