We hope cruel powerful people be lovers of humanity. The love and sex of Nasrin, the sex and hate of Sohila Ghadiri?

We hope the cruel people will be wise enough some days, to stop their cruelty? Sad sex and happy sex relationship.
We hope that will happen one day and very soon. So they start to build and not destroy the countries. Feridown says whatever I am trying to say it is a very simple matter. Because everybody knows that our life is very short and full of problems and diseases and very fast we finish the childhood and youth and got old and die. If we do not get some bad sicknesses, and flee from accident and other deadly situation. But I do not know why some people who get a high position, they forget everything and they think, they will live forever and they can keep that position forever also. So they change from a simple regular person to a huge cruel and selfish personality. They thing the whole world is created just for them and nobody else has the value to be in their level.
The man who was yesterday a bagger and very normal person, now because he had a lot of money and possibilities, he thinks he is similar to God or the shade of God. He expects that all other people should kiss his hand and his feet and other places of his body. The young people who are after a hero, they think he is the hero and the best one.

The people who were in jail and prison and were under torched, now they are free and they have huge position, because the international advertisement prepare the way for them. The international power who want money, power and energy, chose his people and make them huge. They have advertisement media in their control and soon they can bring a simple and even uneducated person as a hero and as a philosopher in the people mind. The people who could not have even food enough to eat, now they are on the top of government and have huge position and huge salary. They have billions of dollars in their account in Europe or America or in other countries. And they keep their position as it should be forever for them. They do not let other people take their position and with all fraud and illegal work, try to keep their position. Why because their greed is unlimited. The do not move from their place, even if the majority cry to go. They think by killing people and torched them, they can stay forever as the head of the business. The power of money and love of position and having nice beautiful wives and girls friends or lovers and the love of money and this world jot has made them blind and they cannot even hear any more.

They say to other people this world is not good and they should work and prepare themselves for other world, which is fool of hurries and ghelmans, but they say only this for other people, they want to enjoy this world, maybe they do not even believe in other world at all. Why they have billions of dollars in their accounts in other countries? Do they want to buy hurries and nice life and women in other world with these dollars? Can they spend so much money in this world? Why they are so greedily?  A person cannot spend billions of dollars? Can he/she?  The person who says that he was a worker in the past and now he is the most important person, why he does not even help his colleges? Why he does not support poor people that he was belonged to them in the past?  Why they ordered the military forces to kill them? Why he shoot their children if they have a question?  The billions of dollars that he saved in the few years it is enough for even his grand grand children, why he wants more money and does not go and be happy with his billions of dollars? If these type of people one time will be satisfied with the money they robbed? 

 Or they will unlimited money, they want the whole gold and money in the entire world?  I heard that Dr. Mosadegh, the Shah and the Khomeini all of them said they want to help the people, if all three have really the same idea, why they did not cooperate with each other. Could they not negotiate with each other and unite the people together and work together for the welfare of the people? If these three leaders wanted the luck of welfare of the people only and not power and respect for themselves, why they could not cooperate and help the whole nation? If all of them said , they want to work for the people, why they did not divide the work and each of them with his people did not try to make his portion OK?  As they trained their flowers to hate and kill each other, until one of them had the total power. The foreign power wants this disunity, so our people will be weaker and weaker.

  If they divide us to different group of people, they can destroy us much easier, but if we are united; it is much harder for them to destroy the whole country. Why they are united and we should be disunited? In the USA, communists, capitalist, atheist, religionist, black, white, red and yellow are united and we Shia and Sunni are not united? We kill each other and they help each other, they tolerate each other and we want to destroy other thinking? Why?  We are Me and they are we. They respect each other and we hate each other if we have other way of thinking. To kill all people who do not think like us, will be better for our people? Anybody who cannot think like us or think differently should be disappeared?  Nobody should respected, only me? Why the other people with different thinking should not have the possibilities to continue to learn and go to the university and have position?

  Why the people who are different than us be our victims? Or slaves? Why the men and women should not respect each other and trained to be separated and be for each other just a sex object and not a friend or human being?  We should work together and not against each other. This selfishness and this having and this unlimited greed should through away. The people of us cannot tolerate and respect the opposition and they want to kill and destroy them. The welfare and lives of people is not important and only our thinking and our selfishness is important and is the goal. If the leaders all of them want that our people be in good condition, have enough universities, colleges, school, work, a descent place to live enough food, insurance and welfare than why they fight with each other?  Something should be wrong in this equation. The leader wants him to be rich and powerful and have thousand girls under their sex organ and cut the testis of other men. They do not care if millions of people are killed. 

As long as they live, everything is fine. Just imagine, Fat Ali Shah had 158 wives, he had may be thousand eunuchs that mean the young men whom their testis were cut by a cruel operation, because that time there were no narcosis, so they feel a lot of pain until their testis were taken out. Were they not human being? Why a king who should support his people destroy them? Now we have the same problem. The people, who think differently, are killed or destroyed? Why? By another Fat Ali Shah who is greedy and want billions of dollars. Can you imagine as a young boy, with a knife which is not enough sharp even, they cut your testis without any narcosis. You see that they are cutting part of your body. You have no sin, you did not even use them. If they cut the hands of a thief, at least he did something wrong, but the boy did not do anything wrong. The king take off his testis, because he had so many wives and he afraid that they get a boy friend. So for this reason, he is cutting the testis of young men, to give them the honor to guard his wives.

  Even the wives should kill in themselves all their love and sex, because they are in sort of harem, guarded by men without testis. They have no feeling for them anymore. The same selfishness is existing now, in a different form. They want power and money and they want other people be brainwashed, with other word like in the past, instead of cutting their testis or pennies, they will cut their brain, so their brain cannot think properly, because of a lot of wrong input. They want the place of God on the Earth.  In the time that powerful countries are united and they are huge powers, we are separated. Why? They are united with different huge differences, and we are disunited with little differences. We are divided in different artificial groups and should fight with each other. The Kurds are divided in four different countries or more. The Persian in four different countries. The Azeri in three different countries. The Arabs in many different countries, the Turk also in the same way. And all of us were just one land and one country in the past. Our differences are  small, and we are separated, and the difference of USA people are huge and they are united? 

 Why we cannot solve our problems with negotiation?  In the time that Sunni and Shia fight, they get happy as they can sell their weapons to both sides and the price of their insurance goes very up, so they make money with our fight and hate. Their girls and boys are free to choose their way of life, they can study, make sports and have fun, but our children are in cage and jail. They do not have freedom of choose. They study in the school, high school and elementary school and university or colleges easily and they have the best teacher like servant in their service and our children do not have enough teacher and enough possibilities to learn. They have books and media free for their children, we do not have them.  They can say whatever they want and nobody bother them. Our children go to jail, if they say their opinions.  They learn to love each other with sex or without sex, our children even in the time they marry hate sex. They kill in themselves all natural desire and all natural joys.  They should wait until they are old and then marry, they should kill all sexual desire and love which cover the sex in themselves and separate sex from love, because they cannot marry.

In the time they marry, they have not a real and good sexual desire anymore. Which is not a healthy way of life?  It is clear that this type of life is more for middle class or poor people, the rich have the possibilities to bridge all these problems.  They bring young maid and beautiful poor girls in their service and their boys can play with them, or even they let their girls have sort of boy friend with a temporarily marriage. We have fifteen millions people who are addicted to the drugs and nobody care about them properly. We have millions of people who are too poor and millions of people who have no work and cannot study. Who should think about them? The people who take eighteen and half billions of dollars by a trailer?  The most government people are saving money for themselves and they do not care about the needy people at all. So come and love the people the children of your God, if you believe really in God.  

 Forget hate and war and help the people to have a descent life. Forget your greed for money and sex and other things and try to help the people who are your brothers and sisters. Who release you from the jail, prisons and exile or torching?  You are now the kings of kings and we have a lot of kings now, help your people below you. Instead of fighting with each other negotiate and solve the problem in the favor of people. Do you think a girl with cover is really more moralist than a girl without Islamic scarf or cover? You know that the rich girls of so called very religious people do whatever they want and because they are under power of their family, nobody can bother them.  It is the poor people who cannot cover their sins and everybody with any small sin knows that and report them easily. But the rich people who because of revolution got billions of dollars can do whatever they want and nobody can even see those sins, which is much bigger than the sins of poor people. Their girls do whatever they want and at the end a good doctor make them a virgin again and they cheat the new husband.

 But the poor people are killed for the same fault that the rich girl did. Sohila Ghadiri who flee to Tehran for a better life, because in her home they destroyed her, had the same problem here. With sixteen she was reaped and later after many raping by different men, she was pregnant by a man who has no work and no money, but he is addicted to the drug. She was raped by force and the rich girls chose their own lovers. She has been hanged up and the rich girl went to a doctor office and her virginity is repaired and she get a new and better husband than the man whom she chose for a temporally marriage.  But the man who release his sperm in the Sohila body and did her pregnant, did not take the responsibility and Sohila should be killed, because he sprinted his semen in her vagina.  All the judges and officers of the police forces are lined up to punish the poor girl and kill her, but nobody can go after the rich girl who sleep every day with other man. They are in their palaces , in the nice bed full of perfumes and fragrance and they do Love and verboten love or sins and laugh about the rest of people. And nobody can bother them. You know that is pure true and not only stories.

Dear judge and dear police, the rich people who have their fun and have a nice life with a lot of sexual or love activities, verboten love and sin and after that they go to the doctors and get their virginity are free,but a poor girl who is raped is killed by law and by your activities as the hands of law. Do you think that is right?    Do you think that is just? Is it Just or cruelty? Sohila is persecuted and thousand of girls like her who are the victim of our society are persecuted and killed and the girls who have different lovers and live in palaces are free. Feridown told this real story to me and I write it as an example for you.  Nasrin was a daughter of a rich person who had also a good position in the government. He was an ayatollah and they were living close to the house of Sina who was the friend of Feridown. Sina was a very brilliant student and he had always A in all subjects.

The mother of Sina was sort of friend with the mother of Nasrin. They were neighbors. Nasrin loved Sina and wanted to be his girl friend. Both of them were in the twelve grade. And they had to prepare themselves for the final high school examination which is different and more difficult than other exams.  Sina was a handsome boy and very good and intelligent. His score in the Persian school was always twenty or nineteen which express the American A plus. But Nasrin had the minimum scores. Like D or poor D. the family of Nasrin were very religious, Islamic religious. Nasrin has two scarves instead of one small and one longer, like a Chador. So the shopkeeper in that area say to her Hajji Khanom, means a woman who did the pilgrim journey. Nasrin tried to speak with Sina’s mother and asked her if her son can help her with the school materials or lessons? Nasrin continue that her mother and father will be very appreciating and will pay Sina for the time, which he spends with her.

 After a while Sina told them, he does not accept the money, but he is willing to help her. The parent of Nasrin told him, they are not comfortable if he does not accept the money and that is not good for their reputation, that he help their daughter free. They told Sina if he accept money, he can start the work if not; they should look for other teacher. They are willing to give him 20 dollars for two hours. ( I changed to dollars to be more clear for you) Sina goes every day after his school direct to their house, their house was a huge big house in the north of Tehran with more than ten big bedrooms and a lot of possibilities, like two swimming pool, for winter and summer. Courts for tennis and other sports. Each room had its own rest room and small snake bar. He went directly to Nasrin so called suit or apartment or bedroom, whatever you want to call it. In the beginning of the Islamic government in Iran, the twenty dollars was a good wage. And Sian a boy from middle class could buy a lot of materials with these twenty dollars those days.

Almost whatever he wished. Like gold armband, nice luxury clothes and suits, electric devices and so on. Sina told that the first day, Nasrin sits opposite me with the complete Islamic clothes and she was covered totally. But with the time, first she took off her scarves and after that she said it is hot and take off her Islamic clothes. And with the time, she sits with very sexy clothes that her father bought for her from Europe or America. The skirt and short which was very sexy and generally even in Europe or America, the girls wear them in sexy parties.  Her father came very late to the house, but as I told you, their house was more like a big hotel than a family house. It had different complex separated sort of suit or apartment in the same building. The five maids and many male servants were very carefully selected and they were very well paid, so they prefer to be quite than speak about the family out or to other people. So everything was safe in that house. Sina told that with the time she sits next to me instead of opposite of mine.

And one day she asked me, Sina do you have any girl friend or any lover?   Firs I was red and shy a lot, but she very a very loving form, put her hand on my little man and rubbed it softly. And she continued how you solve your sexual problems? First I wanted to take off her hand and take distance, but she said me, do not afraid everything will be fine. With her rubbing, my little prince knows that there is a good news on the way and forced me to be at least quite, if I do not want to be active. He told me, do not be stupid, let her guide you, she had a lot of experiences.  She will be useful for both of us, the little man told him! So I tried to be more neutral than negative. She told me in the time that she is laughing also very friendly, look how your little one is acting and is happy. He is hard enough to take a virginity of ten girls and it is long enough to make ten girls pregnant. She came closer to me and said, do not afraid, we are now will be for each other as I can read the pray for the temporarily marriage and later we can do it in the notary.

 You see it is so easy in Islam. She hold my little one in her hand and started to kiss my neck and she continue until she reached my lips. And than asked me what can you do with this little hard one who is so long and crazy until you get the semen out of it, because he want to inject his sperm in a nice place, does he? I told her, I generally dreams and my semen comes out. Sometime I rub it also until it get small, but after that I get pain and headache and I get nervous and unhappy also.  I saw Nasrin before only in the total Islamic clothes, which her long and nice body and her beautiful face and big black eyes were very attractive for me or for any men. Her thick lips were very kissable. And her face had a very fair and soft skin. A beautiful girl or young woman is beautiful and sexy or attractive in Islamic clothes or with micro bikinis. Sina told who can reject the love of a eighteen years old beautiful, rich and attractive girl with a powerful rich and influence able father. Nasrin like a mother told me, OK the pain killer of your sickness is with me and my pain killer of mine is with you.  We can help each other and get free from these pains and difficulties.

So my father is not at home and my mother is fine. She is not against me, because she is a woman and she knows that I need love and sex. If I do by myself sex, like you did sometimes, it is not comfortable, too. The God has solved this problem, I read the pray of marriage the temporality one and we are husband and wife so easily. And the God loves us if we make sex and love legally.  Also do not afraid, it is not a bad thing. Now I did not afraid anymore, because she was beautiful, rich and nice and I could even marry her right away. Nasrin took off the rest of her clothes and took off her bra and the two round and very white ball sprinted out and were free for play and came out of their jail. She told me, now you can take both of my breasts in your hand and press them as much as you will. It will be nice for me. Nasrin guided me like a teacher and I like a good student was listening to her and perform whatever she asked me to do. That was the first time that I had the chance to see a real girl necked.   

Her round and white breasts, the nice neck like a swan neck and her nice brown long hair, give me a lot of encouragement to continue with her without any fear. She said you can also kiss or bit my neck and my shoulders.  I did her sweet commands.  I asked her, do you not want to lock the door, so nobody will disturb us? She laughed and said why, nobody will come to my house and my quarter, they think I am seriously learning and they do not want to disturb me. Our maids and servants are very well trained, they are like our slaves. They do not do anything that they think that may bother us. But OK, because of your satisfaction and comfort, I will lock it. After that she went to her bed and lay down there and asked me to go to her. Now I was relax and went to her. She started to take off my clothes with a very soft and fine way. And meanwhile she rubbed also the little man. After she takes off my short, she said your little one is beautiful and nice, hard and delicious.  Now she was also friendly to the two friends of my little one. We were for a while next to each other and we were kissing and touching each other. She said do you want to introduce your little master to my little lady. She is very anxious to see and meet him.

It was the first time in my life that I have a girl next to me who ask me for making love. If asked her very surprised, you are a virgin and the rest of our play could be dangerous for you. I thought she wants just kissing and playing, but now she wanted the real intercourse and a real love making. She said, the virginity should go to the hell. I cannot stay virgin forever. But you do not afraid, press as much as you can and force him in me, so I will be not any virgin any more. If I want to be virgin again the doctor repairs it. After this conversation she took my little hard one with her hand and guided him to her little lady. She asked me now you can press and go completely in me. She rounded or hugged me with her two legs around my back and pressed me more in herself. I went very fast in and feel the beautiful wetness and nice warmth of her inside. My whole body feels to be in her. She started to cry and said words. But she told me do not afraid that all of these sounds are because of joy and not because of pain. I am very happy now. I was trying not releasing my sperm inside her body. But she said, release yourself and be empty and happy. I need water, your water, my flower needs water also. I took anti baby pills, do not afraid. Even if I get pregnant, we are married. Do not afraid, move and give me your sperm. Any time you like give me your semen.  I was trying to keep them in my body, let them out and they springs inside Nasrin.  She told me very well, you score is A plus. So go and take an Islamic shower and I will come with you, my bath is huge, there is a place for the whole family. She changed the linens which war now with blood of her virginity and took new linens instead. The bath was really big enough; it has more than four showers.  She was very beautiful, o God you created the woman so beautiful. Tall over 175 cm. or almost 6 feet. With round bottom, very soft and rounded breasts, long hair and beautiful long legs. She did herself very clean; her little one had no hair at all, like a little lady of a five years old girl. She put special perfume on the little lady. She was almost the same high as me. So we could kiss each other very easy and our whole body could touch each other in the same point. Breast to breast…


I had a hurry of paradise with me, the one who some clergy people promised to young men to run over bombs or means. And they get in pieces and fly in the air to reach the hurries. But the children of these clergies like Nasrin have just poor earthly hurries and ghelmans (ghelmans are the male hurries). Nasrin asked me if she can play with my little one. And you can play with all my body, where ever you like.


The little one was again big and hard. He wanted to meet the little lady again. This time I had more experience and she was more relaxed as she sees I learned her lesson perfectly. But still my little one had no eyes and could not find his little lady to play with. Nasrin feel this and took the blind one and helped him to find his way and put him near the opening of the little lady. The rest I did and she asked always do not stop, go out and come in again and again. I did her command as good as I could. We went may be that night more than ten times under the shower and did the Islamic washing more than ten times.  Maybe the whole two hours we loved and loved each other. After that Nasrin was tried and said you can go home and rest there. Because your parent will be worried, but if you want to come back, I let the door open or I can give you the key of the house and my room. You can come any time you want. Here is your house and the little one has a nice room inside me, too. Our love is legal and Islamic and my parents are good Moslem and they are not against temporarily marriage.


I said I do not come to night, but I will come tomorrow and I will say to my parents that I will stay more than two hours, so they will be OK.  Nasrin did everything for me.  Nice expensive food, like Caviars, expensive sea food and good Persian food prepared by experienced cook they hired was served every day and every night I was there. I had a princess as lover, who was legally Islamic my wife. From that night I got forty dollar instead of twenty. It had passed many months, so we learned very well with each other and Nasrin bring now only A and B home, instead of D or poor D. and every day after two hours lesson we had also two hours sex and love lessons.  Her mother knows and I think her father knows that we are temporarily husband and wife. They were happy that their daughter brings good scores home and is very happy, too.  We also went together to a notary and had a document of the temporarily marriage certificate.

We both passed the final exams of the twelve grad with score of A.  It was a nice time. I was preparing myself for the entry exams of university. I was in love with her and wanted to marry her soon. After a while Nasrin feels that I love her very much like a real wife. My love to her was very deep and real, but I do not know about her. She said with this hot love, we should take distance with each other. I want to marry, but not with you. You are too young for me. It is not good the husband and wife be the same age. Because in few years, I will be too old for you and you will not love me like now. The women get faster old than men.  You have to marry a girl, after you finished your study and finished your military service and after you have a job and some saving and I cannot wait so long also.  I want to marry now and have children. But after I married you can stay my lover. And we can make love and continue the same relationship.  But my proud was destroyed she wanted me just as a sex or love, but just for a short time. I am not good enough to be her husband. Maybe her love was not really deep, like my love to her. Maybe she wanted just to be release and relax from her sex and hormones. The parent of her knew the situation, but my parent did not know anything. They would be very upset if they know their son is used by her as a sex puppet and through away in the time she found a real husband. May be her parent know that she is my temporarily wife and so they tried   very hard to find a husband from their class, rich and religious for her. As I was in the same age as her and I was from the middle class family also.

They were very rich and famous and religious and I was not from the same level. I do not know if you read the story of Sohila Ghadiri she did the same, only the men forced her to do sex with them may be without any love. They may bit her and after that raped her. Nasrin took anti baby pills, and had documents she is married temporarily, and after that she did not speak about her love affairs and her secret temporarily marriage, she went to a doctor and get virgin by operation again and married again. But Sohila got pregnant, which she does not want and she maybe had no money to buy the anti baby pills and go to the doctor.  She may be even not enjoy these love making by the bad cruel men, who were also addicted and were sick. She afraid to have also HIV or other sicknesses.  She got a child , but she has no possibilities to grow the child, no money, no husband and thinking of being sick and give this sickness to the beloved child. To avoid her love from a hard cruel life like what she had; she killed her baby because of love, and not because of hate. And the Just killed her and hanged her up. She should pay the love affairs of people like Nasrin who enjoy the life with cheating and money they have. I do not think that the huge salary and the huge money they had were from a good legal way.   They robbed the money of the people like Sohila and keep for themselves. Sohila was a victim of the society and Nasrin was full of joy and used the money of her family for her love and life and happiness.  And she got again and again virgin and could marry many times. Their work is not bad, but the people like Sohila are persecuted, the people like Nasrin, because of the power of money are not persecuted. Is it Just? Nasrin made love for her joy. Sohila was forced for sex and intercourse. She did not want it. She wanted also love like other girls. But that is the life the poor should be punished for the sin the rich do.

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