Khomeini’s picture or the Persian Gulf, which one is more sacred?

Since the June post-election riots broke out, each time Ali Khamenei
has delivered a speech, unspeakable brutality and violence has been
bestowed upon the protesters. His latest attempts to end the protests
by participating in a staged incident in which Khomeini’s pictures were
torn, followed by a speech in which he threatened university students
to give up protesting and to accept the elections results is just
another block in a tall wall of state-sponsored elections fraud, abuse,
torture, rape, and murder of Iranians. The premise upon which he is
basing his “outrage” is that nobody should be allowed to deface
Khomeini’s photograph. First of all, it was the Basijis who defaced
Khomeini’s photographs, videotaping it and showing it on the state TV
program to create an excuse to crack down on the Iranian youth who are
deeply offended and hurt by Khamenei and his cronies’ brutality after
rigging the elections in favor of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the twit.
Second, what if the kids did tear up Khomeini’s pictures? Where does it
say that it is illegal to tear up his photographs? What could possibly
give the “Supreme Gang Leader” of thugs and criminals and jail keepers
the right to threaten Iran’s best and brightest people and to carry out
those threats?

This morning, the very state television who has made it its business to
“disseminate” news of university students’ alleged defacement of
Khomeini’s pictures, made an unforgivable mistake—a mistake for which
there is no explanation and obviously no apologies and no consequences.
A news item generated by IRIB’s Central News Unit referred to the
Persian Gulf as “Arabian Gulf.” See for yourself.

I ask you, which one is a bigger crime: even if true, to tear up the
dead Islamic Republic founder’s photographs or to chime in with the
Arab world who have relentlessly paid their way through hijacking the
very identity and ownership of the Persian Gulf to Islamic Republic’s
silence for the past decade? Who is the criminal here? People have long
forgotten idiot Mahmoud and his illegitimate seat as the fake president
of Iran. He has become insignificant as people of Iran have come to
realize that their real enemy is not this insignificant stooge, but
the very position and person of Supreme Leader of Basij murderers, one
Ali Khamenei. There will soon come a day when he would wish people
would stop at tearing up his pictures during protests. This criminal
will have to pay in bigger ways soon enough.  I can’t wait to see him in court for his crimes against the people of Iran.



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