What does it mean to be an Iranian today?

Iranian or Persian = Of or pertaining to Iran (Persia) , its inhabitants, or their language.

Doorood bar hamegi Iranian Raasteen,

I am writing this blog to raise a very important and fundamental question about our own Identity as an individual and a nation as ONE !

What does it truly mean to be Iranian (Persian) and how have other nations
influenced and forced Iranian culture to deviate from authenticism.

Despite of our once upon a time glorious past, as a nation in 21st century, we must strive to preserve the values, standards, cuisines,
history, cultures, and industries Iran has originated.

To find our National Identity is the first question we all must ask ourselves if we want to truly free ourselves and not continue being a
nation who has been drowned and surrendered to external influences and forces.

Let’s have a civilized and respectful debate on this important subject …

Aazaad va Peerooz Baad Iran va Irani

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