Loving The Earth – Our Mother, Yes My Sweet, Not Sweet By And By, But Right Here

The reverence of the World, My Earth, the beloved land
Outwardly glorious, in all its might, the germ of our being, all in all

Loving the dust, the drop of each water, mesmerized, by its vastness
Catapulted to greatness, the very visual, majesty, and all its glory, for everyone to see 

Come my darling, gather for this feast, for all there to know, the very Mother, of our being  
Suckling on its very nipples, the ferocity of our passion, nowhere else in Universe, but right here, on our good Earth 

As the days of the past, meandering, from infinity gone, for the one yet to come
Embrace its sweetness, the passion of its existence, from here-to-fore, in all its form, yes my darling, all in all

Taste the sweetness in my mouth, kiss my lips, yes my darling, make passionate love with me 
All unknown, yet everything known, yes my sweet, hold me, let me embrace you, in all its form, yes my darling, sweet by and by

My brother Moses, in all its glory, admonished the love of its soil
Sweet Jesus, while on the cross, with all Trinity, yet not willing, to kiss its very Earth, no my darling, sweet by and by

Our beloved Mohammad, hand in hand, with sweet Bahaullah
Missing the whole thing, yes my darling, unbeknownst to them, even, to their very followers

My darling, this very Earth, is indeed, our Mother
Not some mumbo-jumbo in the sky, no my darling, but this very earth, is indeed, our Mother

Love it, worship it, protect it, yes my sweet, and nurture it
Nothing else, no my darling, but its very bosom, the dome of our creation, our very good Earth, yes my sweet, as it’s indeed, our Mother

All the angels, from the throne of God, coming down, to keep us company
Yes my sweet, this is their throne, and indeed, God’s kingdom, and nothing else, now come, and protect, this very good Earth, as it’s indeed, our Mother

My darling, hold my hands, as we spread the seed of our love, to populate, this good Earth
Yes my darling, our passion, and indeed, our love, now come, for the very manifestation, of our sweet love, and life, on this very good Earth, as it’s indeed. our Mother

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