Nobody Knows About the Persian Cats: Film Review by American Who Doesn’t Speak Persian (But Loves Iranian Music)

Florescent lights in ceiling remind me of white stripes in road at beginning of Hichkas’ “Bunch of Soldiers” video.
Elegant, hallucinogenic music and visuals in opening credits. Mahdyar Aghajani has mad music production skills. And Bahman Ghobadi has a nice voice.
Like the super nerdy girl, Negar for her sheer nerdiness.
Not used to all the beards on young guys. Glad Ashkan has since shaved.
All these cats are making me want to sneeze. Quick, someone bring in a pit bull! Just kidding.
Here’s a breathy, sensitive song. Wonder what he’s saying.
Three people on a motorbike is sexy. Would like to be the one in the middle.
All these tunnels are giving me birth anxiety.
Guy in the fedora looks kinda gansta. Cool, arty close-up shot of him catching a book.
Damn, these women don’t even take their scarves off in private. Maybe it’s cold up in there.
Lots of talking. Fedora guy is pretty charming, though.
Franz Kafka book. Cool!
Is it me, or do these kids sound kinda whiney when they talk? Well, I’m used to listening to Rap-e Fars, not conversation.
They’re in a barn. Negar is either allergic, or it smells like cowpie in there.
When is Hichkas coming on? They’re sayin’ Hichkas.
Rock song with Link Wray riff sounds good. Wish they’d play more–and talk less, lol.
Kids in a classroom playing air guitar, completely entranced by their music teacher. Totally charming and endearing.
Where is Mahdyar Aghajani? He’s in this film somewhere.
Like the traditional female singing. She’s singing for a mixed audience. Naughty!
Like the very Eastern sounding song in the field. Wish the song was longer.
Heeeeeeeeeeereeeeee’s Hichkas! He’s pure charisma and energy, he’s a magnetic presence. And his friends surround him like Hip Hop Secret Service agents.
Nice Take It Easy Hospital song. Like the CBGB’s shirt.
Innovative vertical blackout bar effect during techno song. Nice work on video segments, Farbod Khoshtinat.
Would understand the film’s ending if i understood the conversations.
Looking forward to English subtitles, and/or learning more Persian.

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