At The Feet Of Mowlana – Bless This Union, O’ Lord, Yes My Sweet, Our Union

In Jesus, all Mohammad, no Yahweh
In Christmas, no Bethlehem, all Mecca, where art Thou, O’ Lord

All holy books, no holy books, give me a Bible, or if you will, a Koran
Show me the way, O’ Lord, at your feet, in our bosom, with our love, all through and through  

All Heaven, no Hell, yes my sweet, wash your feet
Caress my hair, kiss my lips, yes my darling, through eternity, yet to come

My Prophet, your Prophet, all to no avail
Kiss his hand, at his feet, yes my darling, all blessing abounds, yes Mowlana

My God, your God, yes my sweet, even better, no God
All blessing, total ecstasy, yes my precious, all angels, waiting at hand

Nothing terrible, afraid not, walk with me, yes my sweet, with total bliss
From here to there, in all dimensions, the total Grace, our very Lord, yes my precious, where art Thou, O’ Lord

Moses calling, O’ Bahaullah, kneel at the sight, our Mowlana, right here
Sweet Jesus, O’ Mohammad, no Koran, neither Bible, but Divan-e Shams

Bless this union, O’ Lord, from eternity past, through eternity, yet to come
From our bosom, to your heart, yes my sweet, O’ Precious, the very foundation, of love, at our feet

All holy, nothing sacrilege, yes my sweet, embrace me, with all passion
Total glory, from God himself, embrace this, the bliss, the holiness, in total ecstasy, yes Mowlana, at your feet

Nothing blasphemous, all holy, yes my darling, we need, no Prophet
All casual, nothing formal, dancing with the angels, yes my sweet, at the throne, of God Almighty

Hold my hands, dance with me, the Glory Of God, at our feet
Yes Mowlana, All Shams, yes my darling, no Prophet, none needed

All angels, no angels, yes my darling, none needed, none at all
I’m your angel, and indeed, you’re mine, drink from this, the elixir, of Love

My sweet darling, all that exists, none that exists, within us, all through and through
Yes my Lord, I am you, and you are me, O’ Precious, we are One, all through and through 

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