Concerts during Muharram; you’ve come a long way baby

Muharram 2009 started on December 18th in the U.S.  Muslim and non Muslim musical artists will be putting on concerts in Las Vegas on Dec 24-27 and Dec 27-30.  Actually, Dec 28th is Ashura.  This is fantastic.  I salute these performers for breaking centuries old taboos.  There is actually a huge concert on Christmas night in LA.  I think I’ll be going to that.

For far too long, our culture has been held hostage by stupid rituals that have to do with mourning for scores of Arabs who died 10-14 centuries ago.

So far, 5,000 ticket packages (meaning at least 10,000 people) have been sold.  I congratulates each and everyone of these artists and also the people who will be participating in these concerts and having a good time.

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