Stop a War and genocide in Iran

There is a possibility that soon we may have a war in Iran. This war could be a nuclear war. Even a non nuclear bunker busting bomb on a nuclear facility could scatter enough material, or get into the water system in a way that could kill millions. The Iranian regime no doubt would use the population as human shields and would look for a high casualty rate to win a propaganda war. In a state of War, they may place their opposition in camps and start killing them.

In a state of War they would not care what the International community thinks.The best way to fight this regime is to extend the opposition to outside the country so that Human rights are not used as a bargaining chip.There are two ways to do this and I have already started this action but need support:

1. Organize events that capture media attention so that Iranians are seen as champions of Human rights, these would be marches, mini marathons, flashmob events, concerts etc.

2. Take legal action to show the power of your Human rights lobby group.If you are interested please join these groups, and sign our petition: 

We can take action if we have the numbers, so please encourage your friends to join.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

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