It’s Dec 31, 2010; Is it still IRI or Iran?

Since June of this year, there have been 2 massive uprisings against the IRI regime.  The first time, generally non violent protests lasted something like 2.5 weeks.  The regime had definitely lost some of its power over the people at the end of these 2.5 weeks.  The protests which started on Dec 28 (Ashura) are still going; more violently than the one before, but not as large scale.  Not sure how long they will last.

Will we be discussing the politics of Iran (not Islamic Republic of Iran ) this time net year, or will it be the same crap, different day?

I personally see the protests becoming more violent and the IRI response even more violent than it is today. Not sure what I can do for the young men and women who are sacrificing life and limb on the streets of Tehran and elsewhere.

I spoke to my wife today.  She suggested that I pray for the safety of the young protesters and well being of Iran.  I think praying is not bad, but it helps me more than the people involved in the struggle. 

I’m getting restless again.  I don’t even care its new year.  I feel nothing matters until this struggle is over with victory for the people of Iran. 

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