Green buyers beware

Mir-Hossein Mousavi the former two terms Prime Minister of the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic and the current purported frontrunner in the opposition leadership pack has just published a very important public letter.

An IRR establishment Ayatollah had posed four questions to Mousavi, his answers should be a wakeup call to all those who instead of the reality prefer to believe their own wishful thinking.

The questions and their answers are too long for posting in a blog; read it all at below link.

To my mind the most revealing of them all is the question in regards to Mousavi’s position toward the “Iranian republic” slogan repeatedly used during the recent nationwide demonstrations.

“Question: why must the leaders and managers of the Green sect [group] stay silent in the face of “independence, freedom, Iranian republic “slogan?

  Response: It appears that since in the earliest available opportunity I did issue a statement taking exception with this slogan asking people not to use it the information you have received has been censored as usual.”  

Mousavi finishes his answer by saying:

“Of course as Imam Khomeini, Allah’s peace be upon him, taught  us……Meantime, I too strongly believe without Islam the establishment is devoid of any meaning and definition.  All of us must certainly remain steadfast to the constitution in which this point has been emphasized.”


Mir-Hossein, you make charlatan Ali Shariati, your Imam Khomeini and IRR’s constitution proud!


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