Next Leader/s of Iran !

Like millions of other Iranians, I too share your frustrations and shame of those who have represented us for 30 years and want to continue to do so in the future, but this time with different uniforms and looks…Now all these men such as Moussavi, Karroubi, Sazgara, Makhmalbaf and …. despite their possible current good intentions to some degree for Iran and Iranians, have terribly failed their qualification tests for HONESTY, SINCERITY, COURAGE, LEADERSHIP, HONOUR, EDUCATION, COMPETENCE, VALUES, SKILLS and so many other positive traits required to rescue Iran and Iranians from this 30 years old absolute tragedy and shame internally and on global level!


Moreover, There are traitors who knowingly or not, intentionally or not, like bunch of opportunists and or sheeps (like back in 1979) follow and even advertise for the same people who brought Tragedy and Shame to Iran by bringing the forces of Evil, THE SATANIC (ISLAMIC) REPUBLIC to Iran!!!!

Iran and Iranians need another Cyrus, Dariush, Kaveh Aahangar, another Rostam, another Arash Kamaangeer, another real Iranian man/woman individually or collectivelly as a council to rise for Iran and issue A WARNING to all Evil forces of Satanic Republic! A warning in which he/she, them directly threaten/s the Satanic Republic’s Rahbar, Antar and all the other murderer Arab/Muslims and their families who have beaten, imprisoned, tortured and killed our innocent and young sisters and brothers in Iran. These forces of Satan need to be confronted and be threatened by A TRUE IRANIAN LEADER/LEADERS and over 60 million sane and real Iranians who are more than ready to help them destroy the forces of evil in Iran!

Zendeh Baashid.

Peerooz Baad Iran.

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