Agha Reza Pahlavi Gol

Saw your latest attempt to form some sort of unified representation – I hope you succeed.  The best thing about your idea is that you said you did not want to be in the coalition – just behind it.  

However my dear prince, you went to the wrong crowd – at least it appears, once again you reached out to the wrong people. The old that were not much use even when they were young! I hope you focus more on the under 50 crowd – and I hope you choose the internet as your medium of choice to reach out to them. 

Also – I loved the way you fixed one of the biggest problems the opposition has had over the last few years – the anarchists who pose as monarchists. Shahollahis who have been a problem, before the revolution and have remained a problem all along. I hope you succeed in igniting Iranians to unite and form a true representation.

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