Mini-me’s carve up the spoils: Nepotism in the paradise of the oppressed

Favoritsm in the Islamic Republic is reaching such proportions that even pro-regime news outlets are beginning to notice.

Jahan News recently posted an article entitled ‘The noteworthy presence of one family in the Saipa automobile company,’ referring to the growing number of Ahmadinejad chief of staff Esfandiar Rahim Mashai’s relatives in key positions at Saipa Corp.

‘Despite the president’s repeated admonishments and the positions he has taken concerning the aghazadeha (NB A term which literally means ‘gentlemen’s sons’ and can be loosely translated as ‘daddy’s boys.’ It refers to the children of regime figures who get rich through their connections.),’ the article began, ‘the appointments of several relatives of a government figure have come under question by the people, especially supporters of Dr. Ahmadinejad.’

Mashai, a close ally of the president, has been a favorite target of anti-Ahmadinejad Principlists, conservatives who seek a return to what they see as the founding principles of the Islamic Revolution. After stiff opposition to Mashai’s possible appointment as First Vice President, some Principlists were enraged by Ahmadinajd’s decision to name Mashai as his chief of staff. Ahmadinejad recently exhibited a similar devil-may-care determination, some would call it disdainful arrogance, when he appointed former Tehran Prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi to a government position after a Majlis report found Mortazavi responsible for the deaths of prote… >>>

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