Poem: To my Mother-Moon

To My Mother Moon

Oh, Mother Moon
luminous source of sweet chance
make your finger-cymbals dance
so that tender drops of light drip
from your every fingertip
and every drop becomes a moon
that awakens me in my cocoon.

Oh, Mother Moon
my solemn gloom I fail to fathom
guide me with your healing wisdom
turn your glow into a smile
and place it on my lips a while
so that melodies of frolic remote
flow like Siren’s songs from my throat

Oh, Mother Moon
timeless fountain of intuition
turn into a wand of vision
and strike my restive soul
so that from its burning coal
long due opus of my muse
be born of enlightening views.

I praise you, Mother Moon
Goddess of metamorphosis
change your hazy nimbus
into sheets of pouring rain
cleanse me from all my strain
so that I can trail your insight
and thus become your joyous light.

©2010, Azadeh Azad

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