Russia to sell Iranians missiles, Romania to host US defense shield

With the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution right around the corner, Russia apparently indents to deliver a long awaited gift to Ahmadinejad. Russia has made a point of letting Iran know that it still plans to make good on its promise of some long-range air-defense missiles, the Iranian ambassador in Moscow told The article also mentioned that, “Russia signed a 2007 contract to sell the S-300 missile complex,
but so far has not delivered.”

Apparently, Washington has decided that making nice with our European allies might be a good plan right about now, in spite of the fact that we pretty much stabbed them in the back this past Autumn. And by God’s grace, they are being forgiving. According to, Romania has agreed to host a US missile shield system, and the Czech Republic and Poland also want to get on board in supporting the ship-based SM-3 anti-missile missiles system.


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