To All USA Apologists: This one is for YOU.

It is getting tiring to read if we support our country, then we are regime supporters. Do we say to you that you are a US or West apologist?

Let me say several things:

(1) Our people, especially those who live in the West are namak nashnas.

(2) Our people, especially those who live in the West are khasis and Moftkhors.

(3) Our people, especially those who live in the West are the ones who left before or during the Shah (most are monarchists or MKO type individuals).

(4) Our people are exposed to Western propaganda on a daily basis.

(5) How many of you have returned to help Iran? (vacation visits do not count).

WHO are you to question what Iran does??? Do we question what America does? Do we need permission from the West before doing anything in a sovereign nation?

Regarding civilian airplane parts, even Russia or China buys Western parts. This applies to medicine. The West is taking our raw materials for almost pennies on the dollar and selling back to us and other countries goods with enormous profits. Remember, Science and Technology has no boundary. Iran is sharing its knowledge with other countries. Many Americans have access to Iranian latest medical technology.

I am for exporting NO raw materials to the West. How do you like that?

Iran cannot make everything by itself from scratch. But if it is in the forefront of a given research that demonstrates that it is capable of producing anything. As for the missiles, when the strongest war monger in the world wants to attack you and they are jamming every signals except those which are beamed through VOA into our country, what do you suggest us to do? Defend ourselves or invite greengos to come in?

Many Ey-ranians have witnessed how the US has destroyed Iraq and now Afghanistan. Iran also has been hurt through illegal sanctions and other means (especially Ey-ranians who are paid by CIA to work against us).

I am not Ahmadinejad supporter nor voted for him, but you cannot blame everything on him or the regime. What you see the U.S. is doing is NOT about Ahmadinejad what he said or did. When Khatami was the President (the man who is supporting Mousavi) he did everything the US asked, but what we get? Read:

On January 15, 2003, a full-page advertisement appeared in the New York Times (page A19): “150 Members of U.S. Congress Declare Support for the People’s Mojahedin (PMOI), Call for an End to Iran’s Terrorist Regime”. This advertisement contained the names of only 6 of the signers of the “Iran Statement”: Democrats Bob Filner (California), Sheila Jackson-Lee (Texas), Edolphus Towns (New York); Republicans Lincoln Diaz-Balart (Florida), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida), Tom Tancredo (Colorado). Former Attorney General John Ashcroft, an MEK supporter while Senator, raided Jafarzadeh’s home to take boxes of documents. In July 2004, the American government recognized each terrorist as a special person under the Fourth Geneva Convention and required the American military to protect America’s enemies.

While this group in Congress refused to reveal the names of the other signers of the Iran Statement, 5 of the 6 supporters of the MEK takeover of Iran have signed as sponsors or co-sponsors of the Iran Freedom Support Act.

In summary, the boogey man Al-Qaeda is no one other than your Uncle Sam.

After two underwater cable cuts in the Middle East last week severely impacted countries from Dubai to India, alert netizens voiced suspicions that someone — most likely Al Qaeda — intentionally severed the cables for their own nefarious purposes, or that the U.S. cut them as a lead-in to an attack on Iran.

Iran has come a long way since cowboy days of Reagan, I suggest you keep up with the news and not gossip about supporters of the regime. We are Iranians who will do anything regardless of who is in power to prevent our people from getting hurt when another country attacks us. We will defend our country as we have for thousands of years. We are Iranians.

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