Bolton: Either Iran Gets Nukes Or ‘Israel Or Sombody Else Uses Military Force To Stop It’

Last week, Iran’s President Mahmoud Amadinejad said Tehran would have
” agreeing on a deal to send its enriched uranium abroad for
further enrichment. But today, Iran told the IAEA that it would back out
of the deal and begin
its uranium stockpile in Iran.

On Fox News today, John Bolton declared that “Iran simply has no
intention of being talked out of its nuclear weapons program” and that
“very severe sanctions” will not work. Later, when host Gregg Jarrett
asked if military action is “the only answer,” Bolton agreed:

JARRETT: Is military force probably in the end the only

BOLTON: There are two outcomes, one is Iran getting its
nuclear weapons, the other is Israel or somebody uses military force to
stop it. That’s where we are

Watch it:


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