Israeli arrogance in Munich

And who thinks this forum is not important
enough? Who was arrogant enough, ignorant enough, and showed enough
chutzpah not to send a proper representative? The State of Israel.


Many participants in the conference harshly condemned Israel for
not sending a higher level representative to the event. “Of all states,
it is the one which sustains so much criticism that does not show up at
this highly important arena,” Very senior French, German and British
officials told Yedioth Ahronoth.


Yet the State of Israel did do something: It harshly protested
to conference organizers the invitation extended to Iran’s foreign
minister. Instead of sending a serious representative to face him,
Israel believes it was wrong to invite him.


The Munich Security Conference was inaugurated 46 years ago.
Since then, it has turned into the most exclusive and important club of
its type. It’s like Israel’s Herzliya Conference, on a global scale.
Last year, the conference was scheduled a short while before Israel’s
general elections. This was the excuse for Israel’s failure to send a
representative back then.


Conference organizers approached then-

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