Highly advanced negotiation techniques

The Islamic Republic and its cronies are always so full of it that they consider themselves the most genius and in the process create one the most unusual and stupid situations that mankind has ever known. They think only they know the deal and want to reinvent everything even reinventing the wheel and call it a big achievement.  There are just so many cases.  But in this blog let’s take up the case of Iran-Iraq war and what did Khomeini on behalf of Iran accept and when did he accept it.

I decided to write this blog after my memory was refreshed recently about those dark days that the war kept going and the rhetoric was about accepting a ceasefire only if Saddam leaves the country.  Mind you there was never any real chance or evidence of Saddam’s fall throughout the 8 years war other than in some people’s head in the Islamic Republic.

The fact that Saddam was the aggressor was known to everyone.  The fact that the West helped Saddam was known too since Iraq was not a manufacturer of weapons and they had open military contracts and not in hot water with the world like Iran was with taking US diplomats as hostages.  It was well known that Saddam thought with the help of the West he could use the opportunity of a weak Govt and terrible world view of Iran during the hostage crisis to gain military advantage by having western allies who’d welcome him in a fight against Iran.

Regime and its supporters want to say that it is known now but not then and it doesn’t matter what you say, so don’t even bother.  Recently there are talks that Iran “negotiated” a successful resolution to the 8 year war while foreign powers wanted to give Iraq incentives because they supported Iraq all along.  They even say that Iran captured Fao and Majnoon Islands with 2 billion barrels of oil which “forced” Iraq and its western supporters to panic and “cave in”.

Now here are the two most important UN resolutions as it relates to Iran Iraq war.  – too soon! 

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