Iran and Pakistan: Terrorism States or Victims of Terrorism?

For the past few months we had the “honour” to read many articles and
news reports in which above countries have been described as major
threats and terrorism/terrorist supported states without any sustainable
evidence. It is not a secret that these states are facing much
political and economical turbulence’s, but that does not necessary means
they are the world threats.

The titles like “Pakistan Terrorism Heaven”, “Iran the Most Active
Terror Sponsor”, “Pakistan Supports Terrorism” and “Iran Worst Terror
Proliferator”, among others, are very insulting and unfair as they
present sovereign countries and their citizens as terrorists.

Are the attacks and accusations on these and other states work of bad
journalism or maybe corrupted journalism, or both, or maybe government
propaganda or failed intelligence?

Let’s take a look on some interesting facts concerning these states
which are not propaganda, accusations or attacks, rather information’s
available to all interested in so called “another side of the story”.


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