‘Robin Hood’ tax on financial trades could raise $700bn for world’s poor

It could be a plot from one of his feelgood movies. Against a snowy London backdrop, something perennially ignored and unloved finds the attention it craves against all odds. Only this time, director Richard Curtis is hoping to sprinkle his stardust on an arcane bank tax rather than a lovelorn English fop.

Britain’s most successful comedy writer is aiming to tap into the public’s fury at how bankers are scooping huge bonuses while the rest of us suffer pay freezes by spearheading the launch of a campaign demanding the introduction of a “Robin Hood tax” on financial institutions.

Harnessing YouTube, Facebook and celebrity endorsements, Curtis has taken what was once regarded as a naive pipedream to tax a slice of every financial trade and given it a makeover. The Tobin Tax, named after the American economist who first suggested the idea, is now rebranded the Robin Hood tax.


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