The Filmmaker who perished in the Shah’s helicopter while making a film about Iran

In 1970, the Shah’s government hires Albert Lamorisse to make a documentary film about Iran using his helicopter filming technology, Helivision Lamorisse shoots a folky, poetic, beautiful film:

The ministry rejects it stating it doesn’t adequately portray Iran’s modernizations and industrial and urban developments (it was essentially meant to be a propagandist film)Lamorisse is called back to Iran with a list of specific locations to shoot:

University students, factories, laboratories and the newly constructed Karaj dam Lamorisse expresses fervent concern over high tension wires over the dam The ministry provides him with the Shah’s personal helicopter pilot The helicopter gets caught in the wires and Lamorisse and all aboard die in a crash in the dam.

Lamorisse’s wife receives a sizable compensation package and with her son Pascal (star of the Red Balloon) finishes the film based on Albert’s notes Eight years later, it is released and nominated for an Oscar, though it was barely screened and never circulated Meanwhile, after the crash the Ministry crew retrieved the film from the dam and used the final footage shot by Lamorisse to make an absolutely beautiful 6 minute tribute film:

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