Free Iran / Iranian Green Movement


Following Article is Written by Rob Wilson:

We the world, including the U.S. supports the citizens of Iran. We the people, of all nations, every nation, from coast to coast, form time zone to time zone, stand united for the  freedom of individual rights. This is not about politics or religion. This is about basic God given rights such as respect for others and non-violence towards others. We must be united. We want the citizens of Iran to be able to march, peacefully, say and speak what they wish, without violence or retaliation from the brutality that is now being placed upon them by their government. This is after all, a global matter, as the world is now smaller than ever, we are closer than ever, think about it. This is 2009 not 1979.

This is Not Political, it is about Human Rights, it is about Freedom, for all. This is not liberal or conservative, not moderate. This is about what is right and the right thing to do is let the good people in Iran know that we send our prayers, our love and support, as they are at this very moment being killed and violence is being used against them by the government.

God Bless the citizens of America, God Bless the citizens of Iran and God Bless us people, everyone, as we are ALL citizens of this ever so increasingly intimate and closely connected world.

Iranian citizens, we the people from all corners of the worlds, are watching, we are your friends, know this, for it is true.

Sitting on the sidelines and being silent does not help those who struggle for basic rights against the faces of hate and violence.

Thank you for your support.

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