The Green Movement must take up armed struggle against this regime

Folks, no totalitarian regime in history has ever been overthrown or otherwise changed overnight without a serious fight to the last which entailed an armed struggle. Even during the Constitutional Revolution there was periodic armed struggle. The leadership issue aside, which is not as centrifugal to everything as some assume, is not as important as the means by which this brutal military theocracy can be overthrown — which is NOT (repeat NOT) going to be overthrown by slogans and raising peace signs alone. After the spectacular disappointment of Thursday this option must now be seriously considered and put on the table. Let us not forget, armed struggle is also how the IR itself ultimately came to power.

There appears to be some naivete (deliberate or otherwise) by some of the effective leadership of the Green movement around this question. Let us not forget that taking up arms against a brutal dictatorship like this does not mean such action will negate the future secular democratic order. America itself was founded on an armed revolutionary struggle!

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