Is There a Labor Movement in Iran? An Interview with Mohammad Maljoo

Translator’s Note: Dr. Mohammad Maljoo is an Iran-based researcher and lecturer who specializes in political economy. On February 6, 2010, Mahindokht Mesbah of the Persian language Deutsche Welle Radio conducted an interview with him. Translated excerpts follow.

Labor Actions: Three Decades of Ebb and Flow

DW: Our discussion concerns the ebbs and flows of the labor movement in Iran during the past 31 years. First, let’s address the movement itself and then its ebbs and flows. Can we essentially speak of a labor movement in Iran?

MM: I think the phrase, labor actions, would be a more appropriate title for our discussion today. A movement has its own definitions, organizations and leaders. It is difficult to speak of a labor movement during the rule of the Islamic Republic. The working class, has had actions here and there. These actions can be divided into different periods. It is difficult for me to speak of a labor movement.

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