Karroubi’s Son Torturted & Threatened with Rape

In a letter written to Khamenei, Fatemeh Karroubi said her 37-year-old son with rape while he was detained at a Tehran mosque.

RAHANA Prisoners’ Rights Unit – In an open letter written to Khamenei on Saturday, Fatemeh Karroubi revealed the details of the treatment her son, Ali, received after he was briefly detained on 22 Bahman.

According to Fatemeh Karroubi, his son was arrested after his father’s car came under attack by the Basij militia. Ali Karroubi was then taken to Amirolmomenin mosque where he was severely beaten along with other protesters who had also been taken to the makeshift detention facility. When the agents found out about Ali’s identity, they separated him from other detainees and turned him over to the special guards who tortured him and threatened him with rape. The guards also taped the session as they were beating and torturing him. After the guards received orders to release and transfer Ali to Shahid-Mottahari base, the agent who was in charge of torturing him said, “Had you stayed here another 24 hours, I would have turned in your corpse”.

Ali Karroubi was later transferred to Shahid-Mottahari base where the staff released him.


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