Politics — The Iranian Style

Ba Salam.

Throughout our 5000 or 7000 years of civilization, Iran has never been a DEMOCRACY but a Kingship and Monarchy! For most of the time brutal and precarious.

How could a nation without a track record of democracy manage a democracy overnight?

For a country to prosper, it needs an effective POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT at first, which would in turn, lead to FINANCIAL & later on to SOCIAL leaderships.

Dealing with the oil consortium in 1973, the Shah said: “ Bayad saf bekeshan!”

In 1979, after the Islamic Revolution, Mr. Khomeini said: “ Amrika hich ghalati namitavanad bokonad !”

Just a few months back, the head of the Iranian Diplomatic Mission, Dr. Manouchehr Mottaki uttered: “ Engleess too dahani khahad khord!”

Most regrettably, the gentlemen, as political leaders, do not talk politics at all!!!

And again, most regrettably, no matter be it a king who believes in the glorious past of his country with a vision for modernization, or a clergy with no clue of modern sciences but believing in a totalitarian, oppressive and inhuman interpretation of religion, or a so called Hezbollahi diplomat. They all think ALIKE!

They do not think, speak and act politically at all. This is a Menace!

Throughout our 2500 or 5000 or 7000, let it be 10,000 years (khyale hamamoon rahat besheh!) political history, we have NOT developed any political STANDARD with which we could communicate with the world around us!

This political IGNORANCE by the very political elites of our country, later became pandemic. It acted like a viral disease and unfortunately has infected everyone of us! Every common Iranian has been affected.

A few days back, a young lady was singing a song ( so called, rap, Salome by the name, as I remember). The helplessness, sorrow and contempt were overflowing in a hysteric way by her. Repeating the same mentality as described above.

Earlier, talking to a Hezbollahi businessman, few years back, he confirmed:” we do NOT need the world. It is the world that needs us!!!”

These and many many similar remarks reveal a NATIONAL Political Mentality, stressed over and over by our Monarchists, Hezbollahis, Liberals, Democrats, Communists, Mojahedins, Monafeghins, Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, Philanthropists, Mechanics, Florists, ……….. depicting 2 factors :

1- A great deal of National Political Ignorance

2- We all think alike (politically) proving that we are all IRANIANS, children of Cyrus the Great with Aryan Blood in our veins, arteries and eyes!!!

But, this is only a minor part of our dire political tragedy, the other larger and massive part is still more devastating and annihilating!

Though our political leaders and common Iranians CANNOT think, talk and act politically and use a PROPER Language, but unfortunately, the world around us does NOT understand THIS LANGUAGE.

Therefore there is wide COOMUNICATION GAP between us and the world around us.

There is no restriction at all, the manners we adopt for our International Political Communication, but it might compel our counterpart(s) to speak in a language just to make us understand!

Storming the US embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979, taking 53 American hostages for 444 days is one of the numerous examples of Iranian style of doing / talking politics.

And the consequences???

US cutting off all political, economical, cultural, …… relations with us.

US imposing sanctions/embargoes for any reason and most of the time, without any reason (we drink water, US sanctions us!)

US pressurizing all countries for her interests/intentions against us.

US shooting off Iran Air’s CIVILIAN airbus killing about 300 innocent men, women and children.

And many many more. The exact LOSS might never be published.

Our Political Style reminds me of talking politics to Cengiz Khan in 1218 A.D.

Ironically, it was not originally the intention of the Mongol Empire to invade the Khwarezmid Empire of Persia. Indeed, Gengiz Khan had originally sent the ruler of Khwarezmid Empire, Ala ad-Din Muhammad a message greeting him as his equal: “ You rule the rising Sun and I the setting Sun”.

In 1218, Gengiz Khan saw Iran as a Commercial Partner. Even at one point he rejected the idea of war as he was gaining much wealth from trading with the Khwarezmid Empire. On the other hand, he was already engaged with a war with Jin Dynasty in China. Gengiz Khan sent a 500 man caravan of MUSLIMS to establish official trade ties with Khwarezm. They were arrested on account of conspiracy against Khwarezmid Dynasty. Gengiz Khan then sent a second group of 3 ambassadors (one MUSLIM and 2 Mongols) to meet the Shah himself and demanded freedom of caravan and handing over of the person responsible for the incident, The Shah had both the Mongols shaved and had the MUSLIM beheaded! before sending them back to Gengiz Khan. The Shah also ordered the personnel of the caravan to be executed. This was a clear violation of diplomatic manners, even by cave standards!!!

Led by Gengiz Khan himself, the colossal, highly skilled and well trained Mongolian Killing Machine mobilized towards the Khwarezmid Empire of Persia in 1219.

They utterly obliterated Iran.

Just as example, in Sabzewar and Neishapour cities, they slaughtered the whole population. Every living being was decimated even the dogs and the cats. Then they abolished the cities and made them leveled grounds for cultivation. Thus sowing wheat and barley. Even as of today, those cities serve as agricultural lands. Re-constructed cities are at a distance from the previous ones.

The effect of :

“Bayad saf bekeshan”,

“Amrika hich ghalati namitavand bokonad”,

Taking American hostages, bore the same catastrophic results for us and our beloved country.

I cannot blame anybody except the very political system of Iran. It is the system that is malfunctioning and several attempts to rectify it have been nullified again and again by ourselves and Never by the US, UK, EU or anybody else.

The Political System we have developed throughout our 10,000 years civilization is but a “PEEVISH CHILD”.

Iranian Political System is mesle yek bache looss o nonor va besyar bitarbiat o khodkha!

It nourishes on Human Blood ONLY!

The sickness of our political system dates back to Zahhak, depicting the graveness of our political situation and I guess Zahhak was neither an Arab nor a Muslim!

Yesterday Zahhak used to kill our youngsters and today IRI! and in between there are full of such slayers.

Our FAILED political system acts both Internally and Externally.

Internally it has preyed on many NOBLE assets of Iran.

Each of them worth more then a 100 oilfields,

as Noble as Ghaem Magham Farahani (1835),

as Noble as Mirza Taqi Khan Amir Kabir (1852),

as Noble as Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh (1953).

These victims are just a very few big names. There are hundreds more as our writers, politicians, poets, army officers, filmmakers, students, scientists, scholars, artists, singers, philosophers, journalists, photographers, …………………………..

Still, all and all of them are just peanuts comparing to millions and millions we lose in wars, street conflicts, torture cells, prisons, fugitives, refugees, ………………..

Externally, it has been isolating us, politically, financially, technologically, scientifically, culturally, ……………………………………….

We can see the adverse effect of our political system in dealing with Muslim World as:

Turkey : agreed to buy gas from Iran. Iran laid the whole pipeline upto the border at her own expense and then Turkey refused to buy. Instead Turkey has volunteered to MARKET Iranian gas into Europe. This means letting Iranian gas to pass through Turkey in turn Turkey would take its own share of gas at will! Free of Charge!

Pakistan : Consulting Iran on Nuclear issues. Iran could not keep it a secret and instead blamed Pakistan for helping her!!! Pakistan dropped relations to least possible.

With Arab World:

As young and as tiny as UAE, expels Iranians immediately out of Dubai who have been working there for decades.

Saudi Arabia takes finger prints of each and every Iranian entering Saudi Arabia for Hajj Pilgrimage!!! And recently stopped any Iranian entry even for Omrah Hajj.

Egypt no relations with Iran, despite Dr. AhmadiNejad’s personal willingness to resume the diplomatic ties.

Morocco cut off her diplomatic ties.

Yemen blaming Iran involvement in Hoothi rebellion in there.

Non Muslim World:

Russia taking $ 1.30 billion for Bushehr power plant for the last 10 years and still emrooz o farad mikoneh. Just one example of hundreds.

Russia and other Caspian sea states inviting Iran no more in their meetings. Iran’s 50% Caspian Sea Share dropped to 20% than to 18% and recently between 12 to 14% and still uncertain

China selling junk (due to poor economy of Iran) $20 to $30 billion per year and still voting against her in the security council hearings.

India same as China.

Brazil, Argentine, Australia , Japan, ………, nobody wants to interact with us. Nobody wants to negotiate with us. Everybody just wants to sell their goods to propel a part of their economy.

Our Political System is a total annihilation.

That’s why every 72 million of us has left his/her Karo Zendegi and has become a politician, depicting the depth of our political helplessness and confusion.

Even in the anti-government demonstrations in the worn out African countries we do not see 2-3 years old children, but in Iran we do.

Small and innocent children are along with their parents either in prams or on their shoulders, taking part in shaping political structure of their country.

Reza Shah lost 15 years. He missed the chance to declare Iran a democracy and become immortal, unlike the AtaTurk.

The Shah lost another 35 golden years, failing to establish any political establishment. With his departure the country and the whole system collapsed! Overnight!!!

IRI lost another 31 years. In fact, most regrettably, IRI is a Blank Space in our history.

But let me clear something, Akhunds and Mullahs were just living their lives. It was due to lack of political leadership and, moreover, intellectual deprivation that we thought that as the Akhunds were the most respected and trusted figures in our traditional society, they COULD (trial & error) fix up the most difficult job ever, handling the political leadership of the country. And that was just like asking a butcher to take out a cancerous tumor out of a patient’s brain. As impertinent, as they were, they just tortured, mauled and finally killed the patient!

The best they could do!

The best any irrelevant person could do.

The best I could do!!!

The time patient died, we wailed and shouted and blamed a many. The list is long. Akhunds, Mullahs, Islam, Quran, Arabs, US, UK, EU, Soghra, Kobra, ….. and so many others.

While our own political system, which we have been unable to develop effectively and efficiently was the prime reason.

The political system was so adverse that even our elite Royal Iranian Forces, despite one of the most expensive, highly trained, well educated could do nothing.

Senior high ranking Generals/Officers/Commanders were shot one by one on Rooftops!!!!! by 17,18 years old chale meydooni kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could you imagine it?

Could you believe it?

If we would narrate this to anybody (from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Malawi etc.) they would laugh at us.

Still, I am NOT blaming the kids or the Generals.

I am asking what is this political system that even the most talented army generals could not and still cannot act properly. They could NOT distinguish between a well trained, highly educated Generals obeying illiterate, good for nothing clergy!

I do not blame even a single person. Our defective and inefficient political system is only to be blamed. In MODERN TIMES, we have lost 81 years and NOT 31 years!!!

But, what really surprises me more than Shah’s regime and IRI is the bulk of politicians, army officers, intellectuals, Iranologists, philosophers, theorists, ……………, who left Iran in 1979 and after that, they did as bad as IRI itself!!!

Despite all the affluence, knowledge, expertise, international relations, intellectuality, finance, being in Free Societies and many other advantages/facilities, they did NOT do anything workable.

I call this group Opposition IRI or Op-IRI.

Op-IRI has been as confused as IRI itself.

Op-IRI never succeeded to bring all Iranian dissidents to a single, unified plate-form and make a political bargaining force against IRI.

Reading comments of Iranians fleeing from IRI after the recent events, they reveal that different Iranian opposition political parties in Turkey are there just to misuse/exploit them politically and NO help whatsoever on humanitarian basis! A vivid blackmailing of vulnerable fugitives / refugees by our OWN people.

I am sorry but internally (IRI) and externally (Op-IRI), we have been but a mere big MESS!!!

That’s why even Mr. Khomeini once had to confess: “ We should thank God that He created our opponents stupid (fool)”.

Just as a minor example, Mr. Reza Pahlavi, despite been brought up in a diplomatic core, with his father and grandfather been the Kings of Persia, he never abandoned the idea of Monarchy and this has been a great political mistake. Instead, I’ve seen him saying: ‘ I don’t want to impose monarchy on Iran, but if the Iranian nation would like to have monarchy as their political system for their country, I have no problem!!!”.

Exactly committing his grandpa’s mistake in 1925 and his father’s in 1953.

Instead, from the very first day when he entered politics, he should have declared that monarchy in Iran once and for all has been discarded by the IRANIAN NATION and that he himself believes in a Federal Democratic Multiparty Political System in Iran.

Then he should have created his own political party with an appropriate name. Doing that he should have formed a COALITION of all dissident Iranian political parties outside Iran under one roof, being independent political parties, they would have acted unanimously against IRI .

But he preferred to keep the title His Highness the Crown Prince of Iran and sticking to the rotten and forgotten name of Shahanshahi!

The present collapse, if any, of IRI is just due to internal forces and never due to Op-IRI.

And even that collapse began from the within. The very constructors/ founders of IRI realized that what a ruthless and bloodthirsty MONSTER they have created. Now they are leaving it, one by one, and it is to fall aground. It is simply imploding.

Remarks of the distinguished Iranian intellectual Dr. Hamid Dabashi also makes my eyes wide open, when he perceives all the chaos, disturbances and bewilderment of our nation as a Civil Movement which started back in 1905 (in history it is known as Persian/Iranian Constitutional Revolution —- vividly a Political Reform Movement) and continuing till date as Green Movement (still a Political Reform Movement). Considering all this, whether a Civil Movement or a Political Movement, it saddens me that where some 3rd World countries were standing in 1905 and where do they stand today. Most of them even did not exist as a sovereign state in 1905 and gained independence after WWII. Even Burkina Faso has resolved her Hejab problem!!! Got independence from France in 1960. Reza Shah instigated and initiated the Hejab dilemma in Iran.

How many more years do we need to succeed ?

Haft Shahr e Eshgh ra Attar Gashat

Ma Hannoz Andar Kham e Yek Koucheim

Why do we always tend to deceit ourselves?

Why do we always blame others instead of looking at our own formidable mistakes?

Why do we always love to be in illusions?

“Illusions & Delusions lead to Revolutions without Evolutions”.

A Political Establishment is comprised of a group of highly trained, well educated, experienced persons with great political acumen and insight. Their ethnicity is politics. Their religion is politics. The political establishment NEVER perceives situation on the basis of religion, ethnicity, cast, creed etc. It sees everything on the basis of politics and what is the best for the country as a whole.

Political Establishment creates political parties and controls them. It might act as an invisible entity, behind the scenes and let puppets/dummies to be in front lines.

The US, UK, France are Non-Islamic examples.

Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia are Islamic examples.

Regarding a Secular Iran, we may call it so, whenever our President would be a Kurd/Baluchi Sunni, our Foreign Minister be a Zoroastrian, Interior Minister be a Bahai, Head of Intelligence Services be an Arab (Sunni or Shia), etc, etc. , otherwise if the whole government is from a very few ethnicities and ONLY Shia, it is most likely be:

Hamoon Ash o Hamoon Kasse

The Characteristics of ANY political establishment may be defined as :

1- Drafting a constitution which is acceptable to ALL minorities, let alone the majorities.

2- Observing that all government agencies act as per the constitution, strictly.

3- Promoting an independent Judiciary System.

4- Minimizing confrontation with any country and Maximizing relations(especially trade and commerce) with all countries.

5- Striving to establish an independent Financial system.

6- Striving to establish an independent Social system.

7- Setting up an effective & efficient intelligence service to combat foreign intrusions.

8- Striving to LEAD regional & international organizations, political, economical, social, cultural, sports, etc.

But our apathy and inaction to produce an effective and efficient Political Establishment has brought us so far.

Isolated and discomposed.

Today my country is left alone.

Sad and frail.

Staring at her children who are ALL fighting with each other.

No Kindness. No Mercy. No Unity. No Respect. No Reason.

Now we have reached this far.

An easy prey to ALL those hungry and ferocious Wolves out there, roaming around us.


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