A very pale shade of green in Iran

“Where were the Greens of Tehran? 1. On the Internet reading about the
Trojan horse plan; 2. On YouTube learning about the ‘action’; 3.
Chatting online in the afternoon about where to meet in the morning.” –
Iranian blogger Alireza Rezaie.

“To ignore the democrats and
fail to support them in clear and strong terms would be a sign of poor
political judgment …” – Amir Taheri, Wall Street Journal.

“democrats” (the Greens) were deafeningly silent as Iran celebrated the
31st anniversary of its revolution last week. Those actually in Tehran
for the occasion saw hardly any sign of them. The reason, according to
Taheri, is that the clerical “regime” is being replaced by a military
dictatorship. (US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apparently reads
Taheri: she has taken now to parroting his “military dictatorship”. But
it’s not smart to believe Taheri, as explained below.)

writes that “The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC] controlled
Tehran with the help of tens of thousands of club-wielding street
fighters shipped in from all over the country … For the first time,
the regime had to transform Tehran into a sealed citadel [creating] an
atmosphere of war in the divided city.”

Taheri adds: “With the
Internet shut down and foreign radio broadcasts jammed, t…

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