Power of Love (Part 1)

Her mind was miles away as she walked down the quiet alley. She felt very much alone even though she had just left a birthday party and was surrounded by friends. Right now however, her only friends were the stars in the sky, strangers passing by, few cars and a stray dog she saw in a distance going through trash in the alley. Realizing the stray dog, Catherine quickened her pace to reach the main road.

Once on the main road, she was back in thoughts. She felt the same loneliness she had felt over a decade or so ago. “I stopped by you earlier”, the cabby spoke, “but I guess you didn’t see me.” Catherine with teary eyes looked up and apologized not knowing what she was apologizing for. Few minutes later, he asked again, “you’re very quiet. You look sad. Is everything ok?” No, everything is not ok but thanks for noticing, she thought to herself.

You see, Catherine had been married a few years now. She had thought that her loneliness, her frustration with the unjust world, her self confidence and much more concerns would all go away once married. She always dreamt of that perfect partner, her prince charming, just like in the fairy tales where they would live happily ever after. His love for her would be so deep that all her worries and her insecurities would vanish.

She had known it all along yet tonight was the night when she finally realized that regardless of the number of friends, family or a life partner none other than her would be able to change it all. It was also up to her to make that change. But how was she going to do that? What was it that was missing in her life? She had it all. Health, good education, family that loved her, friends that she thought liked her, and let’s not forget the husband. In spite of all that, there seemed to be an emptiness within her soul. She always talked to herself when no one else understood her. So, why not converse with God. She was a believer even though she did not practice it. Could this be the missing piece of the puzzle? Has God been giving her a second chance!!!

One doesn’t have to die and be brought back to life to realize the mistakes or wrong decisions and then having to make the changes. It can all be done once you wake up from the long, dreadful dream and realize that life has given you a second chance. Cherish the moments and make the changes you wished you could make when you were in denial. That night, Catherine felt calmness in her soul like never before and was finally at peace. The awareness of it all was overwhelming. All these years, all she had to do was set her heart to her creator and trust in His powers. After all, His power and His power alone IS the Power of Love…Is it not?

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