Israel center stage as U.S. builds coalition against Iran

Just days after Iran announced to the world it would commence greater enrichment of uranium, the international community is focusing anew on Iran’s nuclear program.

The United States appears to be seeking an international coalition that will place sufficient diplomatic pressure on Tehran to make it think twice about its nuclear activities, said Israeli analysts.

As this coalition is being built, Washington has deemed it necessary to seemingly calm nerves in Israel with two top officials making the trip to the Middle East this month and next.

Deemed by analysts as another effort in the coalition building exercise, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Moscow this week for talks with leading Russian officials in a bid to persuade them not to sell Iran an S-300 surface to air missile system, which could foil any attempt to airstrike its nuclear facilities.


When U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen met Israeli journalists on Sunday, their questions focused on the Iran issue. Clearly in town to calm Israeli nerves, at least in part, Mullen said there was no way Iran would be allowed to possess nuclear weapons.

For years, the United States, Israel and some other countries have been accusing Iran of enriching uranium to make a nuclear bomb, while Tehran denied the accusation, saying it has the right to pursue its nuclear program for peaceful use.

Mullen’s visit to Israeli military hea…

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