Freedom also includes freedom for homosexuality

In response to JJ’s “Gay Times” blog on the upcoming comedy night in San Francisco “There are no Gays in Iran”

So when i was about 45 yrs old I realized that I am still searching for something that kept me unsettled.  I wondered how others could settle years and decades earlier than me but not me.  I felt that perhaps that had to do with possible homo-platonic tendencies that I had in my life but were always non sexual.

Yes I was married and had recently divorced.  I had a single daughter only.  My obligations and responsibilities were extremely limited.  So I thought why not explore what is still out there.  I first went out and had a vasectomy to make sure I can keep my responsibilities to an extreme minimum.  Then I started to frequent gay night clubs in districts outside my work and home area.  That way I wouldn’t have someone who knows me or recognize me.

Over time, I befriended a 29 yr old young man and was smitten by him.  Things were non sexual at first.  On a rainy day when it was my birthday, I decided that I would make sleep with my new friend named Rick.  So as I was making preparations for the big night, I made sure that I disconnect my telephone to make sure no one calls me and ruins my mood.  As night fell, Rick was invited over.  We cuddled and engaged in foreplay.  I had my shirt off.  I am 70 pounds overweight mind you,  but to each his own.  Then the bells rings.  I answered, and there was my daughter Marjane.  She had come all the way from DC to visit me on my birthday.  I asked why she didn’t tell me before hand.  She said she wanted it to be a surprise and plus every time she called my phone was off.  She had a bouquet of flowers.  I took the flowers from her.  I told her I have a friend in my bedroom named Rick and briefly described the new me.  I called a motel close by, and sent my daughter to sleep in the motel.  I used the rose pedals to spray my bed as magic happened with Rick that night.

The next morning, my daughter said she is leaving.  I had to calm her and explain to her that this whole thing was so wholesome and she needs to understand that freedom also includes freedom for homosexuality.  She was stunned but as I explained, she said that if that is how I feel, then so be it.  She stated that I am going too far, trying to be an extreme liberal and promoting and engaging in homosexuality yet shirking away from my responsibilities as a parent.  I told her, that she has grown up and I totally believe in her right to do as she pleases.  She asked well what if you heard that I am a lesbian.  I said, I would celebrate it because it would make me an even more liberal and given my training to learn the British accent, I can sound off like I am a high class liberal with high culture. 

My daughter walked away, guessing that I have been greedy all my life and irresponsible.  I shouted to her as she was leaving that I recently had a vasectomy to promote woman’s rights and power.  I thought she would get happy, only for her to turn around and say, “you are indeed a ‘namard’ in every sense of the word” 

I felt bad for a bit, then called Rick and invited him over.  He made me forget my problems and I continued my normal or “un-normal” life.  Rick today is all of my life.  He helped me start a magazine.  Helped me start pro-gay cultural events.  I feel so gayed out, I will try to lose some weight to show up with him in the Gay parade with my Speedo on and nothing else. 

To date, my daughter is ok with me.  My sister’s husbands think I have lost it and always treat me like a kid.  I wonder why?

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